Why did Greg go to yoga class with Dharma?

Why did Greg go to yoga class with Dharma?

Greg enrolls in Dharma's yoga class to help him relax, but he soon regrets it. Please give it another go. Dharma meets a Native American who want to die on her property, which was formerly his ancestor's burial site. Greg finds out that she lied about having cancer and decided to make amends by taking responsibility for his actions and going to yoga class with him.

Why is Dharma in a wheelchair?

The fifth season picks up in the aftermath of last May's automobile accident, with both sets of parents arriving at the hospital and Dharma fresh out of surgery and disoriented from anesthesia. Dharma has a damaged hip and is currently confined to a wheelchair as a result of the vehicle accident. Although she recovers quickly, her legs are now paralyzed from the waist down.

Dharma later admits that she has been living life on painkillers which makes sense given her grim prognosis. However, she stops taking them when she learns that she can recover her leg functions by quitting smoking. Realizing this mistake too late, she suffers through several more months of physical therapy before giving up completely.

Dharma decides to go back to school to get her teaching license so she can help other people with disabilities find jobs. She also starts volunteering at a local hospital where she meets Dr. Andrews, who tells her that even though she may not be able to walk anymore, she can still run away if she wants to. This gives Dharma hope that one day she might be able to walk again.

In addition to being a full-time student and volunteer, Dharma also takes care of her father who has Alzheimer's disease. When he begins to suffer from memory problems, she secretly moves him into a nursing home so she can keep an eye on his condition first hand.

Why do we need dharma?

Dharma means "to hold or to protect." It holds our body, speech, and mind from falling over the cliff of our delusions, misdeeds, and so forth, and protects us from hindrances on our path to liberation.

Without Dharma there is no society, only chaos. Everything will be destroyed by death, even the memory of everyone who has ever lived. So the wise act to ensure this world's survival by creating rules that people can follow. These rules are called "dharma."

Dharma keeps us safe by preventing us from harming others and providing an environment in which we can live peacefully.

Without Dharma, there is no way to protect ourselves from harm while still staying true to our moral values. If someone wants to kill me, they can do so simply by knocking me down the stairs or shooting me through a window. But now with laws, I can know that whoever does these things will get punished by their community. This prevents such actions happening without warning or notice.

Dharma also protects us from mental distress. If I have doubts about whether I should tell my friend about what color my bedroom is, I can look at the consequences for telling or not telling. If I tell her, then I risk making her angry with me. If I don't tell her, then I risk hurting her feelings.

What is Dharma according to Jainism?

In Jainism, Dharma refers to Tirthankara (Jinateachings )'s and the body of doctrine dealing to human cleansing and moral reform. Dharma, as defined by Sikhs, is the road of morality and good religious practice. The term "Dharma" has been used in many religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

According to Jainism, Dharma can be understood only by those who are free from desire and anger. Only then one can understand that which is sacred and pure. All beings are equal before the law. There is no caste system in Jainism. Any person, without discrimination, can become a monk or a nun if he/she so desires. However, not all monks and nuns choose this life of renunciation. Some join the religion because it is their way to reach enlightenment quickly. Others may do so because they receive financial support from their communities.

Dharma is not only about following the teachings of the Tirthankaras but also includes acts such as giving charity, helping others, etc. In other words, dharma is an act of kindness to others.

As far as salvation is concerned, for a Jain, reaching the state of a tirthankara is more important than believing in any particular god.

How do you understand dharma?

Dharma is the moral code paired with spiritual discipline that serves as a direction for one's life. Dharma, according to Hindus, is the basic foundation of existence. It refers to "something which holds" the inhabitants of this planet as well as the entire creation. Dharma is the "rule of being" without which nothing exists.

Dharma can be understood in several ways. One definition is "that which holds" or "that which binds". This implies that something essential is behind all phenomena, holding them together. Matter is eternal, and so is energy. But matter cannot create itself, it must be created by some entity or other. That entity is called "spirit". Spirit is invisible but it manifests itself through matter, which it uses as a tool for expression.

For example, spirit may take form of a tree, which then dies but its spirit lives on. Or it may take form of a lion, which has a short life but leaves behind many descendants. This matter that expresses spirit is called "dharma".

Dharma is also described as "the right action". This means that one should follow one's own nature and never do anything contrary to it. Doing so will lead to misery later in life or even death.

Finally, dharma can be understood as "that which brings happiness". This is what most people mean when they say that they follow their dharma.

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