Which planet is best in the 10th house?

Which planet is best in the 10th house?

If the Sun or Mars is in a good sign and house, the Sun or Mars in the tenth makes one adventurous, valiant, and popular. A benefic planet in the tenth causes one to do good, whereas Saturn, Rahu, or Ketu in the tenth causes one to do ill or worthless things.

So, the best planet in the 10th house is the Sun. It makes one adventurous, valiant, and popular. A Sun in a good sign and house in the tenth also causes one to gain through one's efforts.

Other planets can be good or bad, depending on their positions in the horoscope. If they are in friendly signs, they will provide benefits like the Sun does. If not, then they may cause problems like with Saturn or Rahu. Ketu is always problematic because it brings about negative effects everywhere it is located in the chart.

The Sun is the brightest and most important star in the sky. It is also the driver of the celestial auto-parts store, so to speak. Without its light, there would be no life as we know it. The Sun is responsible for all forms of energy that sustain us, from radio waves to X-rays. It is also responsible for raising hot air which drives winds which make clouds which produce rain which fills our wells and streams with water that we can use. This is just a small sample of what the Sun does for us every day.

Which planet is good for fathers?

The Sun is the natural pitrukaraka, significator of the father, in addition to the 10th house ruler and planets situated in the 10th house. As the moon/mother gives us emotional stability, the sun/father gives us physical stability, a position in society, and is associated with our ego. Ego is a necessary quality for a leader, since you need to believe in yourself to lead others.

Fathers who are overbearing, critical, or absent may not be able to give their children the love and attention they need and desire. Such fathers may also be unable to provide their children with the moral guidance that would help them become responsible and productive members of society. The presence of a father is vital in ensuring that his children are given an education and exposed to different cultures and ways of life so they can make informed decisions about what role they want to play in society.

Fathers who live with their families may have a harder time establishing themselves in the community because they do not have access to financial resources or social connections. Even if they pay rent, their housing costs are likely to be higher than those who are alone. Having a wife and family also limits your ability to work long hours because they need your attention and care, especially now during pregnancy and after childbirth. A husband and a father who loves and cares for his family should never be taken for granted.

Which house is good for Mercury?

Mercury is regarded fortunate in the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh houses and inauspicious in the third, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth houses. It is green in color, and the moon is its foe. The Sun, Venus, and Rahu are his allies, while Mars, Saturn, and Ketu are neutral. Mercury's Pukka ghar is in the 7th house.

Auspiciously, Mercury is placed in the 1st house with Jupiter, which is considered very auspicious. Also, Mercury being part of the Sun sign will be lucky too. In the 8th house, where it is joined by Venus, they say that happiness follows him. In the 9th house, where it is joined by Rahu, wealth comes to him. In the 10th house, where it is joined by Ketu, intelligence becomes his ally.

In conclusion, the houses where Mercury is placed determine how he will be affected by the planetary positions. If the 7th house is bad, then there is a chance of some misfortune coming into his life. But if the 7th house is good, then he will be lucky in whatever he does. Similarly, if the 1st house is bad, then there is a chance of him getting injured. But if the 1st house is good, then he will have plenty of luck even in dangerous situations.

Now, depending on the position of Mercury at the time of one's birth, the effect of these houses may or may not be visible.

What planet is in my tenth house?

Spiritual service is a success. For instance, if your tenth house is Pisces, your planetary lord is Jupiter. When you glance at your horoscope, you'll notice that Jupiter is in its own sign of Sagittarius, in the 7th House. The Tenth House is all about you.

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Which is the most important planet in astrology?

Saturn is regarded as the most important planet in both astrology and numerology. But there are some facts concerning the world's most dreaded planet that everyone should be aware of. Most astrologers and numerologists throughout the globe see Saturn as a malefic, or malevolent, planet. This means that it brings about cancellation what it has incorporated from the beginning, which is usually misfortune in some form. However, there are some who believe that Saturn is a beneficent planet, which would mean that it would bring about advancement and success what it has incorporated from the beginning.

In either case, its influence on humanity is deemed to be negative. The problem with Saturn is that it doesn't just influence people, but entire groups of people. Because of this, many big changes happen over time that have nothing to do with individual humans, but rather with whole cultures. One example of this is when someone born in the springtime brings something new to their society that causes problems for those who are descended from people who were born in the fall. This happens because people tend to adopt the customs of their ancestors, whether they are good or bad. For instance, if one's family is famous for being thieves, then one will become a thief too. If one's family is known for being honest workers, then one will follow in their footsteps. Either way, Saturn's influence is felt by everyone within a group identity.

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