Where is the serial number on the Mercury outboard?

Where is the serial number on the Mercury outboard?

Bracket for the transom The serial number label on Mercury outboards is situated on the transom bracket. The MerCruiser serial number label may be found on the side of the engine or on top of the flame arrester cover. It consists of three numbers, with six characters per number.

The first two characters of the serial number indicate the model year of the outboard. These characters are MM (for 2003 or later) or RR (for 2002 or earlier).

The third character indicates which factory within the model year was responsible for manufacturing the outboard. There are four possibilities: A for Austria, C for Canada, E for Europe, and O for Other countries.

A European-made outboard has the letter "E" after its second character. This means that the outboard was made by MerCruiser's European division at a plant in Spain, Portugal, or Italy. An Austrian-made outboard has the letter "A" after its second character. This means that the outboard was made by MerCruiser's Austrian division at a plant in Germany or Switzerland. Outboards manufactured for Canadian use have the letter "C" after their second character. This means that the outboard was made by MerCruiser's Canadian division at a plant in Canada.

How do you read an outboard serial number?

Every Mercury outboard has a serial number label on the engine's transom bracket. The most recent serial number labels have a two-digit number in a box in the lower right corner of the label. These numerals correspond to the final two digits of the year the outboard was built. For example, a serial number label for an '89 model outboard would show "99" in the lower right-hand corner of the label.

You can use this information to identify any possible used or rebuilt engines among the many available on the market today. Outboard manufacturers usually did not stamp their names or logos on reused parts; instead they marked them with the original serial number from which they were taken.

Even if an outboard does not have visible damage, it may still be defective and should not be operated on water. Have your motor inspected by a reputable outboard repair shop before putting it in your lake or ocean vessel.

Serial number reading is also useful for warranty purposes. Mercury outboards are known for having relatively easy-to-read maintenance manuals. Each time you perform an operation that might affect the serial number location (such as when you rebuild an engine), you should record the date you performed the work along with the exact location of the serial number. This will help if there is a problem with your outboard later on. Without this information, it would be difficult to determine exactly where on the machine the problem may have originated.

Where to find the serial number on a Mercury engine?

The serial number on later model Mercury engines was situated on the swivel bracket, as illustrated in the image below. First, these would be on a metal tag with the numbers imprinted on it. The numbers were afterwards placed on a vinyl tag. Unfortunately, the vinyl tag is frequently washed off. If you cannot locate the serial number, contact Mercury directly through their website.

On early model Mercury engines the serial number was located on the back of the block next to the oil drain plug hole. It consisted of four numbers arranged in a square pattern. The first number indicates the year of manufacture while the last three numbers are a reference to the assembly plant where the engine was built. An example would be an engine made in 1951 at the St. Louis Assembly Plant which would have the following serial number: 51-01-45-22.

You can see an illustration of the serial number location on early model Mercury engines in the image below. A tag with the required information will need to be attached to the underside of the block. You should also contact your local Mercury dealer to make sure that you do not have any missing parts. They may be able to provide you with additional information about your vehicle's history.

What year is my Mercury motor by serial number?

The serial number of your Mercury outboard is the sequence of letters and digits (or just numbers) at the top of the identification tag or instruction plate. On later Mercury outboards, the tag or plate will additionally include the year of production of the engine underneath the serial number. Yours has 1965 printed on it.

To find out what year a particular Mercury outboard was made you first need to know which series it was built for. The only series that used 1965-built engines in Canada were the President series boats. These were small fishing boats sold through Canadian Tire stores and other sportfishing dealerships. They are identified by the "President" logo on the transom end of their trailers.

If your outboard isn't marked "President" on its transom then it was built before 1965 or after 1964. Outboards produced after 1964 use the new "Mercury Eight" engine as their base model instead of the older "Mercury Four" engine. Before 1964, all Mercury outboards used the same engine: the "Mercury Four" unit. It's possible that your outboard is one of these pre-1964 models but we can't be sure without seeing it.

What is the serial number on a Johnson outboard?

Johnson omc Model number indication for Evinrude outboard motors Johnson Evinrude outboard motor model numbers 1980, 1998, and 1999 determining the year of a mercury outboard by serial number pin on a johnson 6 hp outboard

Johnson's has modified the way the year is shown in the model number multiple times. Your Johnson engine year information will be varied depending on the year range of your motor. The 'CE' at the end of 100STL CE, for example, shows that the engine is from 1989.

What’s the model year of a 1997 Mercury outboard?

Mercury does not disclose model year information for outboards manufactured after 1997. On the serial number sticker, the year is now usually mentioned. Mercury DOES NOT SEARCH FOR PARTS BY MODEL YEAR. This is a chart for Mercury's software. So, for example, if your serial number is "01234567," you would only utilize the search feature for models made in 1996 or later.

Here are some other examples: The engine in your car is a 1998 model, but the car itself isn't released until late 1998 at the earliest. Or say you want to buy a part that fits a boat made in 2004. Again, Mercury doesn't know what model years have which parts so it can't help you find something specific like this.

Sometimes parts are labeled with both model year and series number. For example, a 1996 Series 1 Mercury Outboard Engine might be called "19961A." Searching by series number will return results for both 1996 and 1997 engines. But searching by model year will only return results for 1996 engines.

Series numbers started with "0" in 1995 and increased by one each year thereafter. Thus, a 0-series part was first sold in 1995 and continued through 1999 while a 1-series part was sold from 2000 through 2014. In 2015, the series number system changed again; thus, parts labeled as "0-X" where X ranges from 95 to 99 are now considered 1-series parts.

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