What if Venus is strong?

What if Venus is strong?

Venus's overwhelming influence makes the native romantic. It is the karaka of genital organs, particularly the reproductive organs of a woman's body. The malevolent impact of malevolent planets on Venus affects marital satisfaction and pleasure, and may even induce separation in love engagements. When Venus is weak, its influence is beneficial as it is for marriage relationships, but when it is strongly malignant, it can cause illness and death.

The combination of Venus and Mars will make a person aggressive, passionate, and competitive. If Mars is weak, then so will be Venus, but even when it is strong, Mars cannot overcome Venus. In fact, when Venus is dominant, it usually dominates over every other planet including Mars.

People with Venus in Capricorn are serious, practical, and down-to-earth. They like order and stability and dislike sudden changes. Because Venus is the ruler of the head, people with this placement are thought to have beautiful minds. Also because Venus is associated with the heart, people with this placement are known to be loving and compassionate toward others. However...if Venus is afflicted, then these qualities are reduced to mere stereotypes.

Those with Venus in Aquarius are original, unconventional, and free-spirited. They like to keep up with the latest trends and enjoy changing things around.

Why is Venus feminine?

Venus is one of the planets that has a unique effect on individuals, particularly women: it stimulates sensuality. Thus, "having the traits of the planet Venus" suggests that a lady is particularly sensuous and feminine...

The ancient Greeks associated femininity with love and beauty. They said that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born from the foam of Hephaestus, who was also the god of craftsman. Therefore, we can say that Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, was born from a male God!

Also, the Romans named the second planet from the sun after their goddess of love, Venus. So, in essence, they were saying that this planet which affects us all so greatly was controlled by a female deity.

Now, as I have already mentioned, Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. This means that she would have the most influence over those people who were most sensitive to her magic. In other words, men would be affected by Venus just as much if not more than women.

In addition, the fact that the Romans named the planet after their goddess of love explains why Earth's second planet is always described as being beautiful.

What happens if Venus is malefic?

Venus represents love, romance, beauty, spouse, marriage, style, elegance, charm, joy, happiness, pleasures, wealth, money, and tenderness in our birth chart. When Venus turns malevolent, all of these traits suffer, and the individual lives a wretched existence. Love becomes hate, romance cruelty, beauty vanity, spouse debauchery, marriage unfaithfulness, style greed, elegance deception, charm theft, happiness fraud, pleasures sin, wealth loss, and money ruin.

When Venus is impeded or retrograde, these effects are intensified. In addition, any planet conjoining Venus will also experience these effects. So when Mercury joins Venus, as it does periodically, then the person affected will experience great confusion about what feelings are genuine and what ones are not. If Jupiter joins Venus, as it sometimes does, then the person will seem to be living in a dream world where nothing is what it seems. From an emotional standpoint, there are simply too many variables at work for anyone to predict with certainty how they will affect others.

When Venus is located in hostile planets such as Mars or Uranus, it becomes fixed in its behavior and cannot change, which means that even if it was willing to do so, it could never overcome the influence of these planets. Because of this, individuals who have Venus located in this way are always seen as cold, ruthless, violent, sexual predators who only care about themselves.

What happens if Venus is not good?

Malefic Venus represents marital issues, money losses, a lack of luxury, love failures, problems with genetically determined organs, and so on. It also indicates that something bad might happen to someone close to you.

Venus is the goddess of beauty and love. Therefore, what happens if Venus is not good? Well, it can mean that some kind of trouble or disaster may be lurking around the corner. This could be anything from health problems to violence. Of course, this does not mean that everything bad associated with Venus will necessarily happen, but it does indicate that you should be careful, stay alert, and keep your eyes and ears open.

If you are facing issues related to malefic Venus, you should first of all seek medical help. You might be prone to illnesses because of this planetary influence. If you don't take care of these problems, they might get worse over time.

After consulting a doctor, you should try to resolve any disagreements you have with your spouse or partner through discussion rather than argument. This way, you will be able to come up with a mutual solution that will satisfy everyone involved.

Love relationships are important, so make sure that you pay attention to your feelings.

What is Venus in Pisces?

When Venus is in the house, our professions of love and romance take on a more delicate and sympathetic tone. In addition to the dreamy, lost-in-love atmosphere, Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means she's extra joyful and herself there. Pisces, in other words, just looks beautiful on Venus.

Pisces is also where your imagination runs wild, so you get some interesting ideas while you're dreaming. If you've ever dreamed of being married in a church with white doves flying out of a window, or singing on stage with Queen Elizabeth, then your imagination has traveled far beyond normal limits. These are both good signs for lovers who want to keep their relationship fresh and exciting.

If you're having problems in your relationship, perhaps you should consider talking it over with someone else? A friend or family member could help you figure out what's wrong and give you some helpful advice. Maybe they've been through something similar and can offer you an alternative perspective? Try to stay positive! Even if things aren't going well, there must be a reason why they have come to this point in time. With luck, one day you will see that all is well and your love story will continue.

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