What does "2nd opposition" mean in astrology?

What does "2nd opposition" mean in astrology?

The second opposition (ages 43–44) represents the pinnacle of your relationship decisions. All oppositions indicate some sort of climax. To put things into context, consider the Full Moon (an opposition between the Sun and the Moon). This is also a good time to assess your romantic life. Are you happy with where you are in love? If not, now is the time to change that.

Your romance can be positive or negative. There are two cases: A positive romance leads to success, while a negative one means failure. With both types of oppositions, the status of your relationships will be clear. If they are positive, then everything will go well for you; if not, then you should start changing things now before it's too late.

Your romance draws attention from everyone, including your parents and teachers. They may comment on what a great couple you are or warn you about any pitfalls that might come up during this period. Pay attention to these signs so you don't have to suffer through any unpleasant surprises later on.

Your romance will be tested twice during these years. You will have to decide who you want to be in love with forever. Think long-term because there won't be any other opportunities like this one. Don't act out of anger or revenge; instead, show your partner how much they mean to you by giving them space when they need it.

What does "polar opposite" mean in astrology?

Opposites exist in the stars, just as they do in real life. The Zodiac features cosmic pairings known as polarities, which are two signs that are six signs apart and lie completely opposite each other on the ellipse. These signs are called oppositions because there is very little compatibility between them.

Polar opposites appear in all sorts of relationships. In love affairs, these pairs are usually infatuations from hell who can't see beyond their differences to realize they're really perfect for each other. Although they may not seem it, they are actually a lot alike. Both parties are looking for some stability in their lives, so when one of them can provide that for another, it's like winning both minds and hearts at the same time.

The signs involved in polar opposites are usually quite different from one another. One sign might be associated with fire while the other is earthy, for example. This is what makes them opposites; instead of being identical, they complement each other perfectly. Polar opposites attract because they appeal to our natural desire for balance - something most people need in their lives. They also repel because nothing about either person is complete without the other.

When two signs are opposed, it means that they will never find peace with one another. There will always be something that one side or the other wants or needs that the other sign cannot give.

What does the opposite sign mean in astrology?

Molly Hall April 30th, 2018. This term refers to the connection between two opposing Zodiac signs. There is a push-pull effect when planets are opposite each other in the Zodiac. These signs are in opposition, and this is a hard planetary aspect. When planets are in opposition, they are directly opposite one another and will clash if they stay within the same zone (each planet can only be within 12 degrees of its opponent). Because of this, opponents need to be very careful not to collide with one another.

For example, if you were to map out the Zodiac for someone who was born on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, then they would have an extensive field of action because there's a lot of room within which to move around. They could be quite flexible with their career path and this would be reflected by their having many opportunities available to them as well as some difficult choices to make. However, because these are opposing signs, they want different things and so there would also be conflict between them. In fact, there would probably be so much tension that it wouldn't be easy for them to work together because neither one of them would feel like they were getting what they needed from the other.

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