What do you do with a broken mirror to avoid bad luck?

What do you do with a broken mirror to avoid bad luck?

Don't shatter a mirror. Everyone knows that breaking a mirror is bad luck, but throwing away the shattered parts is much worse. Instead, crush the shattered pieces to dust and disperse them in the wind, or take a piece of the mirror to reflect the moon when the next full moon arrives.

In some countries, such as Italy, if you see someone else breaking a mirror, you should also break a corner of your shard so that they will not receive bad luck. But only throw away the broken part of the mirror, never toss it into a river or other body of water because then it will bring death to anyone who tries to clean something dirty.

People used to believe that if you saw your own image in a mirror on January 1st, you would die within the year. They believed that because on December 31st, 1899, Napoleon III was about to be crowned emperor at a lavish ceremony in Paris, when he was killed in an assassination attempt. The assassin, Jean Van Melle, broke a mirror with such force that it shattered into a thousand pieces. News of this accident got to Napoleon III too late to save his life. Because of this story, people stopped wearing New Year's Eve gifts for one another until 1970 when President Nixon declared January 1st as National Mirror Day in America.

If you find yourself in need of reflecting glass but don't want to break a mirror, you can use window glass instead.

How do you dispose of broken mirrors without luck?

Do not throw away a mirror if you wish to get rid of it yet prevent ill luck. Take the mirror instead and crush it to dust. Disperse the dust in the wind. You may also look into the mirror to reflect the full moon. It is believed that looking into a mirror on a full moon will reveal any ghosts that may be lurking.

This ritual is common throughout Asia and some parts of Europe. It is said that looking into a shattered mirror will reveal the spirits of those who have died recently. The idea behind this belief is that since modern technology has made possible the preservation of images, then perhaps ancient peoples had similar means for communicating with the dead. Using today's technology, we can repeat this ritual through Facebook or Google+!

The best way to destroy harmful spirits is by helping them find new bodies. Since ghosts cannot cross running water, they will seek out other living people to connect with. If you come across a ghost, even if you were just thinking about them, give them permission to stay by saying "it's safe here with me". Only when both of you are sure that it is safe may you continue with your journey together.

Ghosts usually appear in places where they used to live; therefore, if you see one in an empty room, it may be searching for its soul mate.

What to do with a broken glass mirror?

If there is a full moon, take a glass shard and reflect the moon. When you look into it, it's said to make your bad luck go away. In this scenario, you may either save your shattered mirror or bury it; don't throw it away. Bury the pieces far enough into the earth so the ghosts will not be able to discover them. When you bury something valuable, put a marker on the ground to show where it was buried.

A broken glass mirror is capable of bringing misfortune upon its owner. If you find this kind of mirror at an antique store, try not to break it in anger! Instead, donate it to an art museum where it can help pay for operations costs or storage fees. Or, if you prefer, you can keep the mirror as a reminder of how things can change in an instant...

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