What do the planets symbolize?

What do the planets symbolize?

Planets, according to current astrologers, can symbolize underlying unconscious impulses or desires, or energy flow regulators indicating facets of experience. They manifest themselves in various ways in the twelve signs of the zodiac and the twelve houses. The planet itself may be visible by night, or it might only be detectable by its effects in the form of comets or meteor showers.

The idea of using the planets as symbols is as old as astrology itself. It originates with Hermes, the Greek god of commerce and philosophy who was also the messenger of the gods. He is said to have taught this knowledge to men through prophecy. Thus, planets become tools for interpreting future events.

In modern times, many people are attracted to planetary symbolism because it provides a way to understand their own nature and that of others. The planets offer insight into one's innate qualities and the types of relationships they participate in. This understanding can then be used to improve one's life.

Planetary powers can be divided up into three categories: exoteric, esoteric, and cosmic.

Exoterically, the power of a planet is measured by the extent to which it can be observed during the day. For example, since Mercury is not visible to the naked eye, it has no exoteric power.

What are the signs of the planets?

The Zodiac Planets: What Each Celestial Body Says About You

  • Sun. Sign it governs: Leo.
  • Moon. Sign it governs: Cancer.
  • Mercury. Sign it governs: Gemini and Virgo.
  • Venus. Signs it governs: Taurus and Libra.
  • Mars. Sign it governs: Aries.
  • Jupiter. Sign it governs: Sagittarius.
  • Saturn. Sign it governs: Capricorn.
  • Uranus.

What does it mean to have a lot of planets in the 12th house?

What does having planets in the 12th house mean? In astrology, the 12th house represents the collective unconscious. Planets in the 12th house indicate two possibilities: you may use them to get inspiration from unknown worlds, or you might lose a part of yourself by ignoring their ambitions. Either way, your reaction to these planets will be colored by how they are placed in your chart.

A person with a lot of planets in the 12th house has a deep need for change and variety. They like to explore new places and meet people from different cultures. This person is often very creative, especially when it comes to ideas for businesses or inventions. Sometimes, they may appear reckless because they don't seem to worry about the consequences of their actions.

Planets in the 12th house also indicate that something in your life will be ending soon. Whether it's a relationship, job, or interest, this person will be affected by such changes. It is not known exactly when or how these endings will occur, but it is believed that they are all part of a larger plan for each individual.

In conclusion, individuals with a lot of planets in the 12th house have an intense desire to see new things and meet different people. Often, they are responsible for coming up with business ideas or inventions. These people should not ignore their instincts, as they may want to try out risky behaviors that could harm them in some way.

What do the planets in your birth chart mean?

The other planets also represent different aspects of your life: Venus represents relationships, Mercury represents communication, Mars represents action and aggression, Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents self-discipline and fears, Uranus represents innovation and progress, Neptune represents the subconscious and healing, and Pluto represents power and intensity. As you explore your chart, try to understand what role each planet plays in your life.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. If it's in a relationship with another planet, such as Mercury with the messenger of love, then this partnership will be loving and giving. If it's alone, then it's only able to give its own nature.

Mercury is the god of thought and communication. If it's in a relationship with another planet, such as Mars with the warrior, then this partnership will use its mind and body to achieve goals together. If it's alone, then it can only use its mind without any physical action needed.

Mars is the god of war and energy. If it's in a relationship with another planet, such as Jupiter, the king of planets, then this partnership will have plenty of energy and excitement around it. If it's alone, then it will simply have that much more energy when it does things.

Jupiter is the god of growth and luck.

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