What is Venus in Cancer attracted to?

What is Venus in Cancer attracted to?

You are drawn to anything emotional when Venus is in Cancer. You might appreciate artwork, movies, angry music, and so forth. You'll be interested in everything that makes you feel anything. You could enjoy all things romantic or somewhat sorrowful. Your taste in art is very subjective -- what moves you? What doesn't?

Cancer people are known for being sensitive and caring. Cancers love home and family, so you should too. Cancerians place a lot of value on security and relationships. Make sure you keep these things in mind while keeping your own interests in mind too.

Cancers are known as the guardian of the household. This role includes looking after those who need it most - especially children. Cancers are also known as the motherly sign. They are capable of feeling deeply for others, especially those they care about. Cancers are also known as the sad sign because they are prone to depression. It's important for a Cancer to get enough rest and relaxation too. He or she will do best if they don't overwork themselves.

Venus is the planet of love and beauty. As Mars (the ruler of Cancer) shares a house with Pluto (the ruler of Capricorn), so does Venus. When Venus is in Cancer, Cancers are interested in anything emotional or passionate.

What makes Venus in Cancer happy?

Venus is in Cancer. Guys and girls fall head over heels in love until they are harmed. Then they become extremely self-protective and distrustful of genuine trust. Venus is appreciated, and in the case of Cancer, this implies valuing the emotional relationship that has been formed. If this is the case, you come across as kind, emotionally aware, and a good listener. You also have the skill to read people's emotions and respond accordingly.

Cancer people are known for being loyal and loving. They are also considered sensual and attractive. Cancerians are deeply sentimental and can be very vulnerable. Their inner strength comes from their capacity for love and compassion. They place a high value on family and friends; sometimes to a fault.

Cancers are known to be materialistic too. They like nice things and will go to great lengths to get them. However, once they find what they want, they don't flaunt it around. This sign is also known for its patience and persistence. When necessary, Cancers will stay up all night waiting for the right time to strike.

Venus in Cancer is associated with lovers, poets, musicians, actors, dancers, and teachers. It is also related to bones, breasts, the heart, lungs, liver, and blood. In fact, Cancer is the only sign that is connected to every part of the body. Lastly, Cancers are responsible for discovering new lands and expanding humanity's knowledge base.

What does it mean to have Venus and Mars in Cancer?

In fact, having Venus or Mars in cancer makes you extremely sensitive and emotional. When they are caring for others, it makes them joyful. They are clingy and emotionally needy, yet they do not purposefully harm others. When Venus or Mars is in cancer, there is a good chance that you will at some point in your life work with professionals who deal with diseases and injuries of the mind and body.

Venus and Mars are the two planets closest to Earth. They both orbit the Sun once every 224 days. However, because of this close proximity, they experience almost the same effects from Earth's other planet, Neptune. It has an outsize influence on Venus and Mars, so when Neptune is able to exert its power through transiting planets, it can cause problems for Venus and Mars, especially when Neptune is in retrograde (see below).

As mentioned, when Venus or Mars is in cancer, it is said to be in opposition to Earth. This means that any bad events that happen to Earth during this time will particularly affect Venus or Mars, depending on the side of the chart they are on. For example, if Venus is in cancer and Earth suffers from a natural disaster such as an earthquake, then Venus will feel the impact of this event personally.

What does it mean to have Venus in Cancer?

Unconditional Venus is associated with romance, balance, finance, friendships, love, affection, marriage, relationships, enjoyment, and the value we place on possessions and leisure. Venus in Cancer expresses their love for everyone in their small social circle through unconditional love. They are sensitive, caring, and loving toward others and expect the same in return.

Cancer is a cardinal sign that occupies the upper half of the zodiac. It is known as the house of the soul. Its ruling planet is Venus. So, when Venus is located in Cancer, it indicates an emotional nature that responds to beauty and love. The Cancer personality is warm, compassionate, and loving; they see themselves as mother or father figures who want to protect those they care about. Although not demonstrative by nature, Cancers can become over-sensitive at times when they are hurt by someone they trust.

Venus in Cancer is related to feelings of security and intimacy. The lover becomes the parent as Cancers desire to be loved and cared for unconditionally. This placement also suggests a tendency to hoard things that make you feel good about yourself such as jewelry, clothes, and other adornments. However, this trait may cause Cancers to suffer from depression if they are not able to release these emotions physically or psychologically.

At its best, this relationship gives rise to deep bonds of love and support.

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