What are the bad effects of Rahu?

What are the bad effects of Rahu?

Rahu is recognized to have malevolent effects in general and is said to be a planet that causes sloth, delays, and obstacles in work. Rahu is said to reflect its shadow in the Zodiac for 18 months. When positioned adversely in the horoscope, it can cause uncertainty, sadness, and emotional instability. It can also lead to quarrels and conflicts with friends and family.

Some other negative effects include anger, hatred, jealousy, violence, theft, insanity, ambition, greed, and lack of morality. Rahu is believed to cause these effects by blocking or interfering with the affairs of the person who owns it. The more rakhi a person wears during this period the more he/she will suffer because there will be more interference from Rahu.

The best time to wear rakhis is considered to be during Navratri when it is believed that Rahu is weak and its influence lessened then. Otherwise, it should be worn as often as possible while living in a Rahu-occupied house or office.

People who own Rahu are said to have a restless mind and uneasy sleep. They are reported to be irritable and find it hard to concentrate on any one thing for long. They are also believed to be prone to accidents because their mind is not focused enough to notice things around them.

Those who own Rahu should try to make peace with the planet if they want to escape its effects.

What are Rahu Dosha's effects?

It causes a person's life to be filled with anxiety, unhappiness, and bewilderment. So, if it is in the 7th house of a person's horoscope, it will cause troubles in the native's relationships and married life. It has such a great effect that it affects every planet. Rahu has a varied influence on each planet. It can either improve or disturb the nature of a planet.

Rahu brings about difficulties in marriage because it disturbs the harmony between husband and wife. If one partner in a marriage is under the influence of this malefic then it is said to cause rahu dosha. The effects of rahu dosha can be seen in the relationship between the couple as well as in their physical appearance. Through its influence, a jealous mind can be created which can lead to quarrels and even divorce.

Rahu also brings about difficulties in love affairs because it distorts true feelings. It creates confusion in the minds of lovers resulting in them doing strange things that they wouldn't have done otherwise. This malefic also affects health because it destroys peace and happiness of mind that is necessary for good health.

In conclusion, rahu dosha is very harmful because it causes destruction to family life, marital relations, and love affairs. All the planets get affected by this malefic except the Sun and Moon. However, rahu has the power to improve the position of some planets too so it all depends upon how much strength it possesses at any given time.

What is Rahu Dosha in marriage?

The planets Saturn, Rahu, and Mars in a horoscope define the Rahu dosha impacts in marriage, and when it is associated to the seventh house, it predicts a marriage against the wishes of the parents and family. People with Rahu in 7th position may suffer losses in business with electrical equipment. They may also experience problems with their spouse or partner.

Rahu is the karaka for separation in Hinduism, therefore, this sign in marriage indicates that the couple will have difficulties reaching an agreement and will be separated by circumstances over which they have no control. If Rahu is located in other houses, it can indicate different aspects of a married life: disagreements about money matters, separation due to distance, etc.

People who are born under this mahadasha will find themselves in relationships that are not meant to be. In fact, it is believed that if Rahu is found in one's chart, then one will find oneself in such a situation. Although this does not necessarily mean that the person will end up divorced; it may be that the relationship provides enough stress to keep them together while they search for what is missing from their lives.

If Rahu is located in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th position, then it can indicate different issues related to marriage.

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