What are Aries's cons?

What are Aries's cons?

They might be a little insensitive at times and are quite obstinate. They are arrogant and assume that they are always correct. Their arrogance and obstinacy make them extremely difficult to deal with. They are notoriously impatient. Sometimes they can be found working as a police officer or security guard.

Aries' pros? They are loyal and loving towards their friends. They are honest and don't like lying. They are brave and don't fear anything. They are creative and enjoy experimenting with different things. They are determined and won't give up easily.

Consuming alcohol and drugs: not recommended. Alcohol is known to cause memory loss and drug addiction is very dangerous if not used properly.

Pros of consuming alcohol and drugs? Feeling relaxed, having fun with friends, discovering new feelings.

Cons? Memory loss, possible health problems down the road (addiction), feeling tired after drinking/using drugs.

Another con of Aries is that they are often misunderstood. They want to be accepted for who they are instead of being compared to others. If you tell an Aries person that they look fat, then they will think that you are insulting them directly. They also have a hard time accepting criticism because they feel like they are being rejected.

Why are Aries so hard to get along with?

Aries are extremely self-sufficient and will not accept being told what to do. As a result, they like to make their own judgments and are often uninterested in being reminded that their decision was incorrect. Sure, this might make Aries appear difficult, but stubbornness can be both a good and a terrible trait. When used to fight injustice, it is a powerful weapon. But when Aries use it to defend themselves from people who are trying to guide them, they end up feeling attacked instead.

There are two parts to understanding why Aries tend to get on other people's nerves so much: their zodiac sign and their nature. Their zodiac sign makes them feel threatened by others who are more powerful than they are. Their nature means that Aries are independent and don't like being told what to do. They want to make their own decisions and rarely want guidance from others.

In short, there are times when an Aries needs help sorting out their feelings about something, but they're going to have a hard time getting anyone to give it to them. No one wants to be told what to do!

Are Aries good manipulators?

02/13Aries Aries is frequently overconfident and arrogant. That's simply the way they are. However, if Aries is insulted in any manner, they will become highly manipulative and will implant very harsh thoughts in that person's head. The more powerful or respected someone else is, the more damage they can do with their mind. In addition, there is no truth in beliefs established by the mind; instead, they are merely ideas that have been implanted into the brain. Because of this, Aries can be extremely dangerous if they believe they can control another person.

The reason why I am asking is because I had a dream where I was able to manipulate people out of anger. I could make them think anything I wanted them to think. I even tried to convince them to kill themselves. When I found out what I was able to accomplish, I became furious and decided to see how far I could take it. When I used my mind to make one person think about killing themselves, they actually did!

I know this might sound crazy but I don't think I really understand what it means to be a real Aries until now. I thought I was a normal Taurus like everyone else but it looks like I'm not alone when it comes to manipulating people out of anger.

Does Aries know how to fight?

However, unlike Sagittarius, Aries will grow enraged at the very fact that they have to confront you in the first place. They not only believe that disputing is beneath them, but they also become irritated when someone does not inherently comprehend something that they view to be self-evident. Furthermore, since Aries is a cardinal sign, they are usually the leader of a group or army. Therefore, if they feel challenged, they will most likely seek revenge by striking first.

As far as fighting skills are concerned, it is unlikely that Aries will ever be able to match up with anyone who is born under the signs of Taurus or Gemini. For one thing, these signs represent stability and certainty, which are two traits that Aries cannot stand. The zodiac animal for Aries is the ram, which is a wild and violent creature that is always looking for trouble. Thus, even if Aries did manage to master some kind of martial art, they would never be willing to submit themselves to its rules. Instead, they would constantly look for ways to cheat or use their advantage against their opponents.

In addition, since Aries is a mutable sign, they can never be sure what kind of mood they will be in when facing off against another individual. This means that they could be calm and collected one minute, and the next they might go into a rage over something trivial (like whether or not they like the way that their belt knot is tied).

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