Is there a love marriage in my Kundli?

Is there a love marriage in my Kundli?

In astrology, the Rahu and Venus conjunction also represents love marriage, interfaith marriage, or intercaste marriage. Rahu intensifies everything, and when Venus comes into touch with Rahu, it magnifies sentiments of love and passion inside the person, especially when Rahu is situated in the Kundali's 7th house. Love marriages based on such reasons are considered very fortunate by scholars.

Also, if you see the Rahu-Venus conjunction in your kundali, then it is inferred that you are married to someone from another state or religion. It is said that only those people can live together who are meant for each other. There should be no differences between them in terms of age, education, or social status. If this condition is not satisfied, then such a marriage would be against karma.

Love marriages are considered very auspicious by most Hindus. Even in Islam, it is recommended to enter into an alliance with someone who shares same beliefs as well as feelings. So, in conclusion, yes, there is a love marriage in your Kundali!

Is love marriage possible with Rahu in the 7th house?

Rahu's relationship with the seventh house leads in an unconventional marriage. The native gets into a marriage without considering his family's heritage and culture. A love marriage occurs when Mars conjuncts or aspects Saturn or Rahu in the horoscope. Therefore, it is considered a marriage of the heart rather than of the head.

Also, Rahu enters the marriage chart along with its partner. This means that even if one of them is absent, another will take their place. For example, if Rahu is placed in the 7th house, then it can be inferred that it is a married couple where one person is missing. Thus, the marriage will continue in this manner until both the stars merge into one single image.

In conclusion, Rahu's presence in the 7th house indicates an unconventional marriage full of emotions and surprises. The couple will feel like being separated but will never let this happen. They will try to find a way to stay together even though they have different cultures and families who want them to go separate ways.

It is also important to remember that Rahu is a dangerous planet for those who cannot protect themselves from its effects. It can cause people to make hasty decisions, lose control, and behave erratically. Those who are born under its influence may find themselves in stressful situations that challenge their willpower and lead them to make poor choices.

Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage based on astrology by date of birth?

Astrology can simply foretell if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage. The planets—Mars, Venus, Rahu, the Moon, and Mercury—are in charge of forming the yogas of love marriage and arranged marriage. For love marriage forecasts by date of birth, their placement and various combinations are taken into account. For example, if Mars is located in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, then the person would be drawn to someone who is intense, passionate, and secretive, like Scorpios, but old and established, like Capricorns. This couple would have a love marriage but also face many difficulties due to the different natures of these two planets.

How can I know my love marriage is by hand?

There is a Venus mount constructed under the mercury finger. This also suggests a marriage line on the masculine hand. It's a little higher than Mount Venus. This is how a palm reader can forecast your marital line and tell you if you have a love marriage or an arranged marriage.

The marital line is the line where two lines intersect. It is a very important line in palm reading. Along this line are found many of the significant lines on the hand. The marital line divides the hand into two equal parts. It goes through the heart area and ends at the tip of the third finger. A straight line can be seen as a strong indication that a marriage will be successful. If there are curves in the line, it means that the marriage will not last long.

Love marriages mean that the two people involved are married because they love each other, not because of any other reason. They may have met when both were single and decided to get married, but now they don't feel the need to have anything else added to the contract. Love is what keeps them together and helps them survive the difficulties of living together.

An arranged marriage is when one person is chosen by their family to marry another person. The families might choose them because they think they'll be happy together, but sometimes they turn out to be miserable. An arranged marriage is different from a love marriage because there is no feeling between the two people.

Can Rahu give a good married life?

Only if the planets Mars, Ketu, and Saturn are weak will the Rahu dosh consequences in marriage be negative. Third house: This is Rahu's permanent home, and the benefic Rahu in this house makes a person faithful, courageous, and exceedingly triumphant, while the malefic Rahu in this house brings loss of money, widow sister, and squandering of relative's money.

Fourth house: Here also, Rahu's presence is beneficial as it brings fame, honor, and riches, but his absence causes destruction, death, and misery. Fifth house: The effects of Rahu in the fifth house are equal to or less than those of Ketu. So, whether Rahu is present or not, he either benefits or hurts according to the strength of the planets involved. If Ketu is strong, so too will be Rahu's effects. If Saturn is strong, so too will be Rahu's effects.

Sixth house: Rahu here creates problems for the husband by causing him to become jealous, irritable, and unwilling to listen to anyone else. He may even attempt to kill his wife by shooting her with guns or poisoning her. Finally, after many difficulties, the couple will part on bad terms-Rahu has caused enough damage for one lifetime.

Seventh house: Rahu here is harmful because he causes the husband to go abroad and lose all his money in gambling houses or in business deals. Often, he will even lose his life.

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