Is the Ides of March a bad luck day?

Is the Ides of March a bad luck day?

Beware of the March ides if you wish to prevent ill luck. Julius Caesar was killed in front of the Roman senate on March 15, hence the date was bad for him. Since then, March 15 – the middle or "ides" of the month – has been regarded an unfortunate day for superstitious folk.

Caesar was stabbed forty times by senators who feared his ambition would outlive his good fortune. The assassination came only five years after Caesar had won a great victory at the Battle of Pharsalus over one of his political rivals. As president of Rome, it is probable that Caesar planned to continue fighting beyond the point of exhaustion in order to win more victories and build a lasting peace with his rival leaders.

However, the men who murdered him were convinced that he was going to be declared dictator for life and create a monarchy like that of Egypt. So, they took action before he could do any more damage. His body was taken home and placed on public display for all to see. This is why we find the phrase "memento mori" (remember your mortality) engraved on many tombstones.

In Latin, "memento" means "reminder" or "indication", while "mori" means "to die". Thus, "memento mori" means "reminder/indication that you will soon die".

Why are the Ides of March bad luck?

Beware of the March ides if you wish to prevent ill luck. Julius Caesar was killed in front of the Roman senate on March 15, hence the date was bad for him. Since then, March 15--the middle or "ides" of the month—has been regarded a terrible day for superstitious folk.

Because of the resemblance to Shakespeare, the film is titled The Ides of March rather than Farragut North. The parallel to Shakespeare is an allusion to Caesar's assassination. (Both Shakespeare's play and Clooney's film have Brutus as the protagonist.)

Is March 15 a bad luck day?

Since then, March 15--the middle or "ides" of the month—has been regarded a terrible day for superstitious folk. Other terrible happenings over the years have contributed to cement that day as unlucky, making it a day of misery for the rest of time. The most notable of these other events is the assassination of President James Buchanan on this date in 1856.

Buchanan had been elected the nation's ninth president just five months before his death at the age of forty-six. A strong supporter of slavery, he hoped to use his office to expand the territory where slaves could be bought and sold. However, his efforts were thwarted by the Congress which refused to approve any more territories for slavery. This angered many southern politicians who believed their property rights were being violated. In June 1856, just weeks after becoming president, Buchanan was shot by John Wilkes Booth while attending a performance at Ford's Theatre. The assassin was a member of a secret society called the Confederate Secret Service who wanted to stir up trouble between the North and South by killing prominent leaders. Although he survived his attack, Buchanan never recovered from his injuries and died eight months later.

The main reason people believe March 15 is bad luck is because it was once considered an evil day among witches.

Is it bad luck to be born on the Ides of March?

In the Roman calendar, March was the first month of the year, and because it took our satellite's phases into account, the ides always happened on a full moon, giving it even more supernatural significance. The Ides of March have been deemed unlucky since Julius Caesar's murder. This date was used by assassins in an attempt to kill Caesar because it was considered unfair--on that day in 15th BC, he was being taken to trial before the Senate for crimes against the state.

As if this weren't enough, another reason this date is infamous is because it was also the date of Shakespeare's birth. So, if you want to bring bad luck onto yourself, then marking the days of your birthday on the Ides of March is as good as anything else out there. Of course, there are other ways in which this date can mess with your life, so be careful not to make any major decisions on March 15!

The most common way in which the Ides of March bring misfortune is by causing accidents during that week. There have been many reports of people being hit by cars when crossing roads at midnight on 14th March or falling from heights when leaving work on that day.

Another popular story tells of a woman who was going to be married on 15th March. Just before the ceremony, she went into labour and gave birth to a child who died.

What did the Ides of March celebrate?

The Ides of March was a day on the Roman calendar that is most famous for being the day Julius Caesar was assassinated—an event that many consider to be a watershed moment for the Roman Empire. This day falls on March 15th in the Gregorian calendar.

As with many dates in history, there are several theories regarding what happened on this day in 44 BC. Some historians believe that Caesar was murdered by a group of senators who feared his tyranny would destroy the Republic; others think he was killed by his own soldiers who were dissatisfied with his political schemes. No matter what the cause, this is considered a tragic loss for the Roman Empire.

In Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, it is revealed that on this same date in 30 BC, another great man was murdered. The character Cassius says, "For when they are about such business, these men will see them through." So too, the people who killed Caesar saw him as a threat and took action. But because they were politicians, not soldiers, they failed.

This shows that no one is safe from assassination. It doesn't matter how powerful you are, or how good your intentions may be. If someone wants you dead, then they will find a way. This is true even today: people have been killed working in food stamps offices, people have been killed by terrorists, and people have been killed by dictators like Castro and Pinochet.

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