Is Shani Dasha good or bad?

Is Shani Dasha good or bad?

When Shani has an oppressive impact on your horoscope, you feel weak on the inside. Mahadasha of Ketu Shani Antardasha invites negative events into your life. You may live a comfortable life while maintaining a positive image in society. This Saturn Mahadasha era is excellent for Shani-related business growth. However, if Shani is in Pisces, you should not engage in activities that are risky to your health.

Shani is the seventh planet from the Sun and has a mass about sixty million miles that of Earth. It orbits the Solar System in approximately 76 days. Shani has an eccentric orbit, which means it takes it over 152 days to complete one trip around the Sun. Due to this unusual orbit, Shani has an unpredictable influence on humanity. It is considered a disruptive planet because its movements are out of sync with those of other planets in our solar system. As a result, it brings uncertainty to our daily lives by influencing situations and individuals differently at different times.

Shani's influence is felt through traditional astrology. Under the rule of Saturn, everyone has a destiny that can be influenced by planetary positions at the time of birth. So, even if you were born under a different Zodiac sign, you will still have a role to play in the world. Modern scientists have also discovered links between Shani and certain diseases. They have found a correlation between the number of earthquakes occurring near term and pregnancy.

Is Shani Dasha good?

You have a proclivity towards being clever, wise, and compassionate. During this time, you will build the strength to deal with a wide range of problems and obstacles. Your ability to think quickly on your feet and adapt to changing circumstances will be tested by sudden twists and turns that can come at any moment.

The effects of Shani dasa will last for about 12 years. If you are involved in Shani-related activities then the benefits will be many. New opportunities will arise due to the changes brought about by Shani. However, you should not get attached to these new opportunities as they may not remain forever. Focus on the current job and not on the future. If you try to pursue multiple goals simultaneously then it will only cause confusion within yourself and delay your progress.

Shani dasa is considered to be very favorable for students who want to make progress in their studies. During this period, your intellect will grow greatly which will help you clear all your exams with good grades. The effect of this mahadasha will still remain even after the completion of Shani dasa. So, if you want to maintain the advantages gained during this period then you should continue to follow it up until Saturn returns to its original position.

Is Shani Mahadasha good or bad?

The Mahadasha of Saturn for the Pisces Ascendant Shani is the ruler of the 11th and 12th houses, respectively. It is not seen as a helpful planet because it rules the 11th and 12th houses. During its administration, the impacted Shani might be exceedingly hazardous. It might result in unwelcome travels and financial losses. However, this period is also said to bring about unexpected gains and favorable changes in one's life.

The benefic influence of Shani mahadasha may perhaps be observed during the time of its transit through the signs it governs. If you were born under the dominion of Pisces during the transit of Shani, then you would have experienced more than your share of misfortune and loss. Even if you are a native of some other sign, the impact of Shani mahadasha still tends to be severe. Especially if you are a woman, the danger involved in this arrangement is especially high. The intensity of experience associated with Shani mahadasha is so great that few people are capable of bearing its weight.

If you were to ask most people whether Shani mahadasha is a good or bad influence, they would say it is bad because it rules the 12th house and therefore brings about loss. However, many Hindu scholars believe that Shani mahadasha is a very powerful malefic only because we humans are weak and incapable of bearing the intensity of experience it brings.

Is Shani Dasha real?

Mahadasha Shani's Mahadasha is an era of the moon's progression through nakshatra. Shani Mahadasha is typically 19 years old. It starts with a sub-period, or Antar Dasha, during which we are progressively transported to a stage that teaches us life lessons. The next period, or Uttar Dasha, follows, in which the moon returns to its original position after completing its journey through all 12 lunar phases.

Now, as far as I know, this date is based on Indian astronomy and therefore expected to be followed by another year with 14 February. However, there are some people who claim that this date can also mark the end of the world or something similar. I would not recommend relying on this date to save yourself from disaster!

As for the question of whether Shani Dasha is real, it depends on what you mean by "real". If you mean "physical" then the answer is yes, it is real because it has consequences beyond just being the date at which the moon is said to have destroyed itself.

If you mean "true" then the answer is no, it is not true because it has nothing to do with reality. It is merely an idea that has grown over time within the culture of India. Someone decided to connect the appearance of certain stars at particular times of the month with how many years previous someone had died.

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