Is Saturn good for cancer?

Is Saturn good for cancer?

Your natal Saturn in Cancer indicates that you feel responsible for the well-being of your friends and loved ones. Because of your desire to serve others, you may be drawn to occupations in healthcare, real estate, the culinary arts, or mental health. Domestic affairs are highly significant to you if your Saturn is in Cancer. If there is a family history of cancer, consider yourself even more responsible for their welfare. Cancerians are known for their devotion to those they love, so it's no surprise that having a cancer diagnosis could lead you to change careers to better serve your community.

Cancer is a dangerous disease; it can spread through your body like wildfire. If you have cancer, or know someone who does, it's important to take care of yourself by being proactive about your health. A daily walk will help you stay fit and healthy, and eating well-balanced meals will provide the nutrients you need to fight cancer treatments.

Your environment has an effect on how you feel physically, as well as emotionally. If you live in a polluted area, move away from it. Also, make sure to get at least six hours of sleep each night, because this is essential for physical and mental clarity.

Cancer is the number one cause of death in the United States. It is crucial that we work to improve our understanding of this disease so that more effective treatments can be developed that will increase survival rates over time.

What does it mean when my Saturn is in Cancer?

The conjunction of Saturn and Cancer indicates that home and family life are not always simple or good. Saturn in Cancer people are more likely to have had a tough childhood. People with Saturn in Cancer are challenged in this incarnation to improve their emotional expressiveness and family relationships. They are often kept isolated by their habits and routines which don't allow for much intimacy.

Cancer is the only fixed sign on the zodiac. This means that aspects involving Cancer are constant, regardless of where Saturn is located in its orbit around the Earth. Aspects from other planets will change depending on where they are in their own orbits around the Earth. Astrologers call this changing nature of aspects "variation." Variations in angles are calculated using the rules of arithmetic instead of using conjunctions as defining events. For example, if a planet is in opposition (180 degrees away) from another planet then it is in direct opposition to that planet's influence. If however, the two planets are separated by one full degree of arc then they are at least partly co-incident with each other - meaning that they have some shared qualities but also have elements that are unique to themselves.

Saturn in Cancer brings out the protective instincts in people with this placement. It is common for people with Saturn in Cancer to have many friends but rarely get involved with anyone seriously. They usually know what they want out of life and just need to go after it!

What does it mean to have Saturn in Sagittarius?

Saturn is the planet of hard labor and destiny, and when it falls in Sagittarius in a natal chart, it frequently means that success will be delayed until you learn to buckle down and focus on what is vital. You may feel as if nothing is happening, but soon enough the small steps will add up to big changes.

Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, and when Saturn joins them in this relationship it usually means that you will need to set out on a journey or quest of some kind. Perhaps you are looking for new experiences or opportunities, or perhaps you just want to see what life has to offer. No matter what it is you're seeking, you will most likely need to take matters into your own hands and go after them with passion and conviction.

When Saturn joins forces with another planet in astrology, it often indicates that something important is going to occur later in time than usual. For example, if Saturn joins forces with Uranus, which represents revolutionary change, then we can assume that anything can happen at any time. From alien invasions to financial disasters, nothing is impossible.

Have a look at your natal chart with Saturn in Sagittarius. See what insights it reveals about you and what it means for your future.

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