Is the North East a good direction to sleep in?

Is the North East a good direction to sleep in?

Sleeping in the east is said to be beneficial to one's health. According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping in the east direction is beneficial, whereas sleeping with your head in the west direction is not. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, thus exposing us to less night lights and greater amounts of natural sunlight during the day. Some people claim that sleeping in the eastern direction allows them to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.

People who sleep in the north-east have been reported to be more successful in their lives than those who sleep in other directions. It is believed by some scientists that living in an area where the north-east lies can cause one to be more successful because they would be exposed to more daylight and therefore feel less need for nighttime lighting.

The north-east is said to be the most powerful direction in which to sleep. Sleep experts say that if you sleep in the north-east, you will have better dreams and wake up feeling revitalized.

The north-east is the best direction in which to sleep because it is thought to give you a great night's rest. Scientists have also found that people who sleep in this direction are more successful at work than those who sleep elsewhere.

In which direction should we sleep, Sadhguru?

So, which direction should you sleep with your head pointing? "East is the ideal direction. The northeast is in good shape. It's like having a north and east compass needle aligned together." So, if you want to get the most out of life, the best thing you can do is sleep with your head pointed towards the east.

You see, the earth has its magnetic field, just like the human body has its own magnetic field. This magnetic field is called "geomagnetic field". It's always changing due to changes in the Earth's core. But it has two important properties: it points in the same direction as the Earth's magnetic field has been found to point (east), and it varies in strength over time and space.

When you go outside at night, the stars above you are all pointing east, because that's where the Earth's magnetic field points. And since your body has its own magnetic field, it will try to align itself with that of the Earth. So, if you want to maximize your ability to process information during sleep, it makes sense to sleep with your head pointed towards the east.

Now, this doesn't mean you have to go to bed with your head held up towards the sky.

Is it good to sleep with your head facing east?

In the East, sleeping The best sleeping direction is east. It improves attention, memory, and sleep quality, leaving you feeling rejuvenated. In Vastu, the orientation of your head while sleeping east is a source of strength. Sleeping with your head turned east can be helpful if you are struggling with confidence or anxiety.

In the West, sleeping With your head turned west increases sensitivity to noise and pain, and can lead to panic attacks. It's not recommended unless you're comfortable with risk management strategies.

On top of that, sitting in front of a south-facing window will allow you to benefit from the power of the sun during your daily meditation practice. However, excessive sunlight at night time through glass can cause glare or heat-stress. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight during the day time too.

So basically, sleeping with your head turned east or west is useful if you suffer from anxiety or lack confidence. Sitting in front of a south-facing window during the day time is also beneficial but watch out for excess sunlight at night time through glass.

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