Is Lal Kitab's prediction true?

Is Lal Kitab's prediction true?

Predictions in the Lal Kitab are based on andhi and nabalig kundli. Though both Vedic Astrology and the Lal Kitab contain houses and planets, in Vedic Astrology only the houses are fixed, but in the Lal Kitab both are fixed. The Lal Kitab houses are referred to as jyotish houses while those of Vedic Astrology are called dashas (afflictions). Each jyotish house has an individual nature. Effects of planets in these houses vary from person to person.

The effects of the planets located in different jyotish houses will be different for each person. Even if two people have the same planets in the same jyotish houses they may experience their effects differently because each person is unique. Some people are born with certain jyotish houses that are weak or strong. If a jyotish house is weak, then it will be easy for the person to whom it belongs to suffer from its effects. On the other efffect, if a jyotish house is strong it will provide some protection against the effects of planets located there. A jyotish house does not cause negative effects by itself; instead, it gets affected due to the presence of the planets located therein. A jyotish house can also protect someone from getting affected by certain planets.

Is Vedic astrology more accurate?

Vedic astrology-based yearly forecasts are more accurate and dependable than Western astrology-based predictions. All of these sign-based forecasts are general. In western astrology, the sun sign is used to make a yearlong forecast, thus all persons born in the same month fall into the same sun sign. This is not true of Indian astrology where each person's birth chart determines their sun sign which is unique. Thus, no two people born in the same month will have the same sun sign.

In addition, western signs are based on zodiacal constellations that date back hundreds of years while modern interpretations of Indian signs may change from textbook to textbook. This means that different authors may interpret what an animal sign means just as they might interpret what a planetary sign means. For example, one book may say that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn while another says that it is ruled by Phobos (the Martian moon).

Finally, western signs do not take into account any lunar effects or planetary positions at birth. The Moon affects everyone's behavior now even if they were not born when someone was watching them. It also has a major effect on how we feel at any given moment. Planets too have an impact on our moods and behaviors; some days are better than others for most people. A planet's position in its own orbit as well as relative to other planets can affect its influence on us.

Is Vedic the whole sign?

Even though the ascendant sign is on the first degree, each house takes a whole sign in Vedic astrology. One sign can encompass up to three houses in Western astrology. So in total, there are nine signs of the zodiac in Vedic astrology.

The word "sign" means a portion of the sky that is related to a particular constellation. In astronomy, a constellation is a large grouping of stars that appears as a single object in Earth's night sky. The term "constellation" comes from the Latin word for a cross-mark, which is what early astronomers used to plot these objects in their charts.

In traditional Indian astrology, there are two types of constellations: natural and conventional. Natural constellations are those that appear in the night sky without any intervention from humans. Examples include Orion, the hunter, who has belt stars, pointers, and a sword; Perseus, the hero who saved Andromeda from a sea monster; and Cassiopeia, the queen who was turned into a mythological creature after bragging about her marriage. These objects are important indicators of future events. For example, people born under the shadow of Orion's Sword might find themselves in dangerous situations while those with Sagittarius rising in their charts might have success in business.

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