Is Kundli always right?

Is Kundli always right?

Despite these facts, it is difficult to forecast 100 percent accuracy in astrology kundli and daily horoscope for marriage matching and other major events since the precision of Kundli depends on the accuracy of birth time (ceremonies). Even if one is born at exactly the same moment as another person, their birth times may not be exactly the same. This is because the time of birth can be delayed by several minutes after a woman gives birth to push out her baby. If this delay is more than a few minutes, then she will be born before or after her co-worker who had a later birth time.

The accuracy of a man's kundli is no better than that of a woman's. Although male birth charts are more accurate than female charts because men tend to wear less ornamentation and behave more rationally than women, they can still be wrong by up to 10 minutes due to delays similar to those experienced by women after giving birth.

In general, kundlis show a higher degree of accuracy when it comes to predicting major life events such as marriage, divorce, etc. than when it comes to forecasting minor details such as money or health. It is important to remember that although kundlis are useful tools for understanding our relationships with others, they are no better than plain old judgment calls when it comes to deciding what will happen in the future.

Does Kundli matching really matter?

The horoscopes of the bride and groom are compared during Kundli matching to determine if their married life will be happy and prosperous. If 18 or more points match, it is a good marriage; if the points match less than 18, the marriage is not authorized by astrology. However, many modern marriages fall into this category due to differences in culture and religion rather than true compatibility between spouses.

The importance of Kundali matching can't be ignored as it determines one's marital status and also the nature of married life. It is considered valid only if done by an expert who correctly interprets the horoscope. A person who does kundali matching for money will give false predictions which lead to trouble for married couples.

If you are looking for success in marriage or love then karma dosh is important for you. Your past actions will determine your future. If you have negative karma then it will affect your married life too. You should try to remove this negativity by doing good deeds. This will ensure that you get the best results from your married life.

Which guna is very important while matching Kundli?

Only Astrology can reveal a person's actual essence by examining their Kundali and planetary alignment. Kundli Matching, when done correctly, may reduce many hurdles and challenges in married life. Ashtakoot Guna Milan is the most widely used way of determining horoscope compatibility for marriage. It involves checking which planets are placed in which houses to determine if there will be peace or conflict between two people in future.

The sign of the Moon when it enters each house determines what kind of feeling this house will give off to someone who lives there. For example, if the Moon enters the 1st house, then that person will feel love from others. If it enters the 2nd house, then that person will feel affection from others. By knowing how each house functions with respect to different signs of the Moon, a person can better understand their own nature as well as that of another person.

Each planet has an effect on all other planets within the Kundali. The Graha Shastra's (the ancient texts on astrology) explain these effects in great detail. They also mention various methods for calculating a person's Kundali based on the positions of planets at the time of one's birth. These methods are often difficult to comprehend today but they provide information about how certain planets affect other planets including Sun and Mars.

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