Is Ketu a friend of Saturn?

Is Ketu a friend of Saturn?

Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are all friends of Ketu. In terms of friendship, Jupiter is apathetic. Ketu's adversaries are the Sun and Ketu. Mars and the Moon are also involved because they are both affected by changes in the position of the Ketu planet. So, yes, all these planets are friends of Ketu.

Ketu is associated with the Vedas, an ancient collection of poems and songs that are considered sacred scripture for Hindus. The Vedas are full of stories about kings, warriors, poets, and musicians who had relationships with Ketu. In fact, Ketu was even used to determine the fate of individuals at birth!

People born under the influence of Ketu are said to be intelligent, creative, unconventional, and unusual. They tend to have other interests outside of normal life. Sometimes this means that they choose not to get married or have children. However, this doesn't mean that they're antisocial -- quite the contrary! These people are usually very friendly and like to help others.

Ketu is one of the most important planets in Hindu astrology. It affects how successful you are in school, your career choices, and whether or not you end up in prison. The story of Ketu is told in the Puranas, ancient texts that date back hundreds of years.

Who is the friend of Mars?

Mars and Jupiter: Opposites, but Friends

SunMoon, Mars, JupiterMercury
MoonSun, MercuryMars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn
MarsSun, Moon, JupiterVenus, Saturn
MercurySun, VenusMars, Jupiter, Saturn

Who is the friend of Jupiter?

Mars and Jupiter: Opposites, but Friends

MoonSun, MercuryMars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn
MarsSun, Moon, JupiterVenus, Saturn
MercurySun, VenusMars, Jupiter, Saturn
JupiterSun, Moon, MarsSaturn

What are the signs of Ketu's debilitation?

Taurus is Ketu's debilitating sign. Venus, Mars, and Saturn are Rahu and Ketu's buddies. The Sun and Moon are Rahu and Ketu's adversaries. Rahu and Ketu are indifferent to Jupiter and Mercury. The duration of Rahu's Vimshottari Dasha is eighteen years. The duration of Ketu's Vimshottari Dasha is seven years. Rahu's dasa is considered detrimental while that of Ketu is beneficial.

The indications of Ketu's debilitation are inability to move limbs, body parts or entire body; abnormal sensations in body; memory loss; confusion; delusion; depression; fear; anxiety; panic; irritability; self-doubt; hatred; envy; gluttony; greed; lust; poverty; harm to others; lack of judgment; poor decision making abilities; tendency to repeat mistakes; laziness; stubbornness; unwillingness to accept facts which contradict beliefs; need for constant change; instability in job and residence; quarrels with friends and relatives; unfaithfulness in married people; involvement in accidents due to negligence; health problems; death of loved ones; inauspicious events like fire accidents, earthquakes, floods, and storms; visitations from ghosts and demons.

Are Shani and Guru friends?

Jupiter is the largest of the planets. That is why it is referred to as a "guru" in Sanskrit. Saturn has a limited planetary location. Jupiter and Saturn are good friends, but that doesn't mean they agree on everything. The two planets have a neutral relationship, which means they are neither friends nor enemies. They just exist together.

Shani is the Hindu god of death. His name comes from the Sanskrit word for "cease", "stop", or "conclude". So, Shani means "the planet that brings about conclusion to actions". Basically, he is the planet that rules over death. In some cultures, people believe that if you want your dreams to come true, you should make a wish when the moon is full and round like a shankar (mountain peak). That's when you can say "shanti" (peace) and give yourself permission to sleep. Otherwise, all your wishes will remain dreams.

Guru is the Hindu name for Jupiter. So, combining these two words we get "Shani-Guru", which means "death planet". This is because both Shani and Guru bring about conclusion to actions and leave nothing behind them.

Also, Shani-Guru is an interesting combination. Jupiter is the king of planets and kills only those things that are bad for us. While Shani kills without any warning. He simply gets the job done and then goes away again.

Is the moon a friend of Saturn?

The Sun and Moon each rule a single sign. While Rahu and Ketu do not rule any of the signs, the other planets each rule two. Rahu and Ketu do not have their own astrological signs... Learn about Planets in Astrology.

FriendMoon, Mars, Jupiter
EnemySaturn, Venus

Which is the most friendly planet for Saturn?

Venus is Saturn's most hospitable planet. It is obvious that people born in the numbers 8 and 6 would be cordial and drawn to each other. Venus is the planet of fortune for ascending Aquarius and Capricorn. It is natural for these souls to be friendly and helpful to others since they are looking out for others' best interests first and foremost.

Earth is also very friendly toward Saturn. It is the second most friendly planet after Venus. Those born under the sign of Earth enjoy a congenial nature and find it easy to get along with others. They are usually good-looking and highly desirable. Souls born with the Moon in Libra or Scorpio as well as those born under the influence of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto are also likely to be empathetic and sympathetic.

Saturn is known as the great teacher. When he teaches us something we never thought possible it opens our minds wide open. Learning is a continuous process for humans as well as planets. New lessons will always be waiting for us around the next corner. The only thing we can do is keep on trying new things until we find what works for us.

So, which planet is the most hostile? This depends on how you define "hostile". If you mean evil then no planet is completely evil.

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