Is it bad luck to accidentally break a mirror?

Is it bad luck to accidentally break a mirror?

So, if a mirror was shattered and your picture was the last thing it reflected, you'd have to endure seven long years of bad luck before the curse was broken and good luck was restored.

This ancient belief is found in many countries around the world. It appears that breaking a mirror is considered an omen that something bad will happen soon after. The myth began when the first humans learned that mirrors were made out of glass and they used this fact to predict future events. If someone broke a mirror at the time they heard about its meaning, they would experience bad luck for several years.

Mirrors have been used since ancient times by people all over the world to see themselves properly. This tradition probably came from the early humans' need for self-assurance and confidence that they are looking fine without having to pay a painter or sculptor to make a portrait of them. They just needed something reflective to be able to check their appearance.

Until recently, this belief was popular in China where mirror manufacturers make lots of money from it. The curse is so strong that if you break a mirror manufactured for home use, you will always buy new furniture - even if you aren't moving.

Is it bad luck to crack a mirror?

Smashing a mirror is one of the worst things you can do, according to superstitious people. It not only indicates that you are a mirror down, but it is also thought to bring seven years of ill luck. That's a long time to be cursed. Think about how many buses you'd miss!

The myth began in Europe where glass was scarce and mirrors were made from polished silver or gold. To get a glimpse of one's face, everyone cracked their knuckles so hard that they left marks on the mirror. This led to the belief that if you smite your own hand, you will be punished with misfortune for seven years.

In today's world, we no longer smash mirrors because they are easy to get around. But still, don't do it!

What happens when you accidentally break a mirror?

So, when you smash a mirror, you're essentially waiting for a completely new soul to cleanse you of your bad luck. Others thought that mirrors were god-created instruments. Breaking a mirror would enrage the gods, who would then torture the person who saw their last reflection in it. If the broken piece of glass was buried under a tree, then a future king or queen would find it and have good fortune come their way.

In ancient Greece, people believed that seeing one's own image in a mirror caused madness. They also believed that if someone was about to die, they would go mad if they looked into a mirror. This is probably why murderers have always been allowed to look at their own images during police interrogations - to see if they can convince themselves that what they are doing isn't really wrong.

In many countries, such as India, breaking a mirror can be used to curse an enemy. The belief is that if you want something very badly, you should not break a mirror first, because it will bring you misfortune.

In Europe, people started to collect mirrors around 1550. They sold them at markets with lots of other junk furniture. Since then, mirrors have become a part of everyone's life.

The next time you see your reflection, remember this story... And never, ever break a mirror!

Is breaking a mirror good luck?

The Romans were the originators of this tale. They thought that the soul regenerates every seven years. If you break one, you should be grateful because you are witnessing an act of nature.

In Europe, it is traditional to break a mirror on January 1st to bring good fortune for the year ahead. This practice began with the ancient Germans, who would break glass to ensure a prosperous new year.

Mirrors have been used in warfare for centuries. Ancient Chinese and Egyptian soldiers wore glasses made out of polished silver to protect themselves from enemy arrows and spears. During the Renaissance period, Europeans began using mirrors during battles as well. They would hold them up in front of their lines to frighten their enemies away from the battlefield.

Today, military leaders use mirrors in another way too. They will place them in rooms where they want to encourage friendly fire behavior. That is, where troops inside the room will attack each other instead of the enemy.

So, yes, destroying a mirror is said to bring about good luck. It is also customary to break glass on New Year's Eve to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter.

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