Is it bad luck if you break a mirror?

Is it bad luck if you break a mirror?

So, if a mirror was shattered and your picture was the last thing it reflected, you'd have to endure seven long years of bad luck before the curse was broken and good luck was restored.

This myth comes from an old European superstition called "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall." If you look into a mirror and see yourself looking back at you, you will die within the year. The idea is that since mirrors reflect someone else's image, shattering them would cause someone else's bad luck to fall upon you.

In reality, this myth probably arose because mirrors are expensive and people were afraid they might be used to commit crimes. Also, cats love to play with shiny objects. Have fun watching them discover what happens when they don't get their hands back.

Here's how this myth has been used in movies: *The Princess Bride - This movie came out in 1987. Therefore, this myth would have been popular around then. In this film, when Westley breaks a mirror he thinks is cursed, his girlfriend, Veronica, leaves him. However, she later returns and they live happily ever after. (Note: This movie has been criticized for its unrealistic plot so maybe this myth wasn't very well known at the time it was made.)

Is it bad luck to crack a mirror?

Smashing a mirror is one of the worst things you can do, according to superstitious people. It not only indicates that you are a mirror down, but it is also thought to bring seven years of ill luck. That's a long time to be cursed. Think about how many buses you'd miss!

The myth started in Europe when glass was scarce and mirrors were made from polished silver or gold. If someone wanted to show they were honest and fair, they would break a mirror. This way, if they were caught cheating someone out of their money or goods, they would not feel guilty because they had done it to themselves in order to prove they were innocent.

This idea moved to America where people prefer not to use magic tools to deal with crime. Still, breaking mirrors is said to be very unlucky.

In Japan, this belief caused some problems for Japanese soldiers during World War II. They would smash their mirrors before going into battle to prevent themselves from being killed. The idea came from the fact that broken mirrors cannot be repaired so they are always flawed, unlike metal objects which can be fixed if they are not too old.

After the war, the smashing of mirrors was no longer popular so these stories died out. However, the belief that breaking mirrors will bring misfortune has stuck around.

What happens to you when you break a mirror?

So, when you smash a mirror, you're essentially waiting for a completely new soul to cleanse you of your bad luck. Others thought that mirrors were god-created instruments. Breaking a mirror would enrage the gods, who would then torture the person who saw their last reflection in it. Some people even believe that if someone with evil intentions breaks a mirror, they will come back as a ghost.

In Chinese culture, if you break a mirror, you will lose your chance at finding true love. A similar belief exists in Japanese culture - if you break a mirror, you will never be able to find a husband.

In some countries, such as India, if you break a mirror it is believed that a curse has been placed on you. You are now doomed to die early and suffer from many health problems.

In other countries, such as America, if you break a mirror it is considered very bad luck. You are supposed to throw away your old mirror so that no bad spirits will be able to enter your home through the mirror's frame.

Does breaking a mirror mean that you will have bad luck? This depends on which country you are from. In some countries, breaking a mirror can lead to serious consequences, while in others it is just a minor mishap.

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