How will the Mercury retrograde affect me?

How will the Mercury retrograde affect me?

You're feeling the retrograde in a very personal manner, Aquarius, because it's taking place totally within your zodiac sign. You're normally full of strong opinions and new ideas, but you may find yourself in a three-week mental fog, unable to produce a thought that seems like your own. Your ability to make smart decisions about love, work, and life will be put to the test as the mercury moves through your solar system.

Mercury stations (or enters) around midnight your time, so during this period, history is being made while you sleep. The cosmic messenger is now moving into direct motion as it enters Aries at the start of the year. From there, it will march forward until it reaches peaceful Pisces on December 26th. At this point, Mercury will go back underground for another six months.

During these times, communication problems are likely if you're in a relationship. Expect arguments over what was said or done during the last transit of mercury. Use this as an opportunity to talk things out instead of keeping secrets. If you've got kids, try not to frighten them with your sudden changes of mood.

The mercury retrograde makes everyone act differently. Friends and family will see you in a different light during these periods, when your normal self-assurance is replaced by something more uncertain. Try not to take everything too seriously, no matter how important it might seem at the time.

How does mercury affect Virgos?

If things seem a little shaky at work right now, don't worry, dear Virgo—probably it's because Mercury is retrograde in the portion of your horoscope that governs your job and public life. As a result, you may find it difficult to proceed on professional initiatives or to appropriately represent yourself at work. Mercury's presence in your career sector also suggests that any problems you do encounter are likely to be related to communication issues rather than competence itself.

Virgos are known for being very honest and hardworking, but when Mercury is involved, these traits can become faults. If you are feeling guilty about something you did during this period, there's a good chance that someone close to you will let you know about it. The same goes for if you aren't sure if you should have done something: ask yourself who would be affected by your decision and follow their advice. They might not be able to tell you exactly what to do, but they will almost always give you a direction to go in.

Mercury's presence in your career sector also indicates that any promotions you get will be based more on politics than merit. You're probably better off staying where you are for now unless you have some evidence that you are being discriminated against or not given appropriate opportunities. If you do move up the ladder, then expect it to be done slowly and with much debate over each step of the way.

Does Mercury retrograde affect emotions?

Mercury retrograde in January 2021 will either steal your normal zest and leave you feeling sluggish, or it will fill you with chaotic, dispersed energy that will leave you feeling restless, distracted, and nervous. The way you channel that energy during Mercury retrograde, according to astrologer Helen Frost, is critical. If you let negative thoughts creep in, you'll feel worse when Mercury goes backward.

Here's how Mercury retrograde affects those with Moon-Venus combinations: feelings are heightened during this time because the mind and body are not functioning normally due to the opposite effects of these two planets on the psyche. In fact, some people say they feel more during Mercury retrograde than other times when the planet moves forward in its orbit. Others report feeling great during this period because problems that might otherwise cause anxiety or depression are easily solved.

Those with Moon-Venus combinations should use caution not to act on sudden impulses caused by Mercury going backward. If you have an argumentative Venus or a moody Moon, you shouldn't take each other's bad attitudes too seriously. Keep in mind that this is not a good time for making important decisions. Take your time; wait until Mercury goes forward before making big choices.

If you're aware of your venus sign, you know what I mean. If you aren't sure, ask someone who knows you well (a friend or relative).

How will the retrograde affect 2020?

Mercury retrograde is frequently connected with confusion, annoyance, misunderstanding, and delay. Plans frequently fall through at this time, and misunderstandings are widespread. As Mercury marches backward, many parts of our lives may appear to be moving backward as well.

Turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere creates the illusion of apparent retrograde motion. 3. When Earth passes another planet, its gravitational force slows it down, making it appear to be going backward.

Do I have retrograde planets?

To determine if you have a retrograde planet in your birth chart, go to > free horoscope > extended chart choices and design your own chart. Then, if you check at the table of planet positions, you could see a 'r' next to a planet's location, indicating that it is retrograde. The word comes from the Latin meaning "backward."

Retrograde planets occur when the planet moves between signs in an orbit opposite to the one specified by its sign position in the zodiac. For example, Jupiter goes from Aries to Pisces over a period of about 12 years; thus it has a retrograde motion. Mercury, Neptune, and Pluto also have retrogrades.

Planets in retrograde motion appear to be going backwards while orbiting the Sun, but they are actually moving forward in time. When a planet enters a new constellation each night, it returns to where it started after one full cycle around the sky. So even though Jupiter goes from Aries to Pisces every 12 years, it always returns to where it started, which is in Aries.

Because retrograde motions make these planets seem like they are going backward in their orbits, they often cause problems for those who are born under their influence. Someone born when Jupiter is retrograding may experience problems with debts, contracts, or business dealings. If Mercury is retrograding, people with autism or mental illness might be seen in public during this time.

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