How often does a Saturn period come in a lifetime?

How often does a Saturn period come in a lifetime?

A Saturn phase occurs no more than twice in a lifetime; at most, twice. It occurs every 30 years, or twice every 7 years. It is not as harsh the second time around. The first time you experience it, it is really painful; you feel terrible and your mind goes blank. Nothing feels quite right. This is when Jyotishi (astrology) comes in handy. Jyotishi means "the interpretation of dreams" and this is what astrologers do! They look at how you are feeling and they think about your chart to see if there is any reason why these feelings might be coming up for you now. If so, they try to tell you what will happen next year and some ways to deal with it.

The first time you experience a Saturn phase, you need to know that it is very serious and you should see a doctor if it continues for more than two weeks. There are many different problems that can cause you to feel bad all the time. Some possible causes include anxiety, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks, eating disorders, low blood pressure, heart disease, and many other things. The best way to figure out what is wrong is by seeing a doctor. He or she will conduct tests to see if you have a medical condition. If not, then they will help you find out what is causing your symptoms.

Once you have been through it yourself, you will be much better able to understand those who have not gone through it yet.

What happens in a Saturn return?

Your Saturn Return is essentially an astrological midlife crisis. Most people will encounter a couple at some point in their lives. If you've lived through your late twenties, you'll know how hectic, chaotic, and change-filled they can be. By turning forty, most people have settled down, stopped partying, and started a family. However, if you were born within a few months of January 1st or July 1st, you're considered a Sagittarius. For you, retirement isn't about quitting your job and moving to South America - it's about continuing to work with others in new ways.

Saturn returns are often associated with depression because it feels like everything that could go wrong does go wrong. At first, you feel invincible enough to try anything once. Then, one mistake after another begins to add up. You find yourself working at a dead-end job or living with friends who don't appreciate you. Before you know it, you're drinking too much or using drugs just to feel something other than sad all the time.

The good news is that life gets better after you reach rock bottom. You have an opportunity then to grow up and move on from your past mistakes. Most Sagittarians who reach their Saturn return realize that they need to make some changes in their lives and take steps toward healing themselves emotionally.

When does the Saturn cycle begin and end?

A planet's cycle begins when it was in the place where you were born and ends when the planet returns to that point in its journey around the Sun. Saturn is a sluggish planet that takes 29.4 years to orbit the sun. This means that the vast majority of people will go through two full Saturn cycles in their lifetime. It takes about 10,000 miles out from Earth to reach the moon with an average speed of 57,000 miles per hour. The moon then travels 3,474 miles back toward Earth every day!

The last time Saturn was in Libra was 1503 and it will next enter Scorpius on October 23rd 2026 at 7:04 am EST. From there it will move into Sagittarius on December 4th 2028 at 5:44 pm EST.

Saturn's influence is responsible for bringing stability and order to life. It promotes self-discipline, responsibility, and longevity. People under Saturn are known for being hardworking and realistic. Sometimes they're even called dull or deadening. The good news is that when Saturn moves into optimistic signs like Aries or Pisces, it can help inspire people to take action. There are also benefits to be gained from studying the past actions of planets like this one. To find out more about what influences you possess, read our article on Astrology Facts.

Saturn returns to where it started (Libra) after 29.4 years.

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