How is Lagna determined?

How is Lagna determined?

The lagna is normally calculated based on the time and location of birth when the infant delivered by the doctor begins to exhibit signs of life (crying) and might be difficult to determine for people who have never documented their birth time. As a result, most astrologers rely on the moon's rashi and nakshatra. Additionally, some use the exact time of birth as well.

Lagna can also be determined by observing the position of the Moon at the time of birth. If the crescent or new moon is in a certain sign or degree of the zodiac, then that indicates a new lagna. If the crescent or new moon is in another sign or degree, then this means that you are changing the lagna. Note that if the crescent or new moon is not visible, then it cannot be determined whether the lagna is new or old.

Furthermore, if you were to read your own chart, you would see that the lagna determines many other important aspects of your life. The lagna is responsible for one's personality, traits, likes and dislikes, and physical appearance. It is believed that if you change your lagna, you can change your mind, behavior, and inner self. This belief has led to many cases of people switching their lagna markers.

In conclusion, the lagna is the third house cusp from Saturn. It represents one's identity and how one sees themselves in the world.

What is the difference between a birth chart and a lagna chart?

The exact position of the sun and the formation of the stars on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is determined by your lagna and nakshatra. As a result, the Lagna period forms the foundation of a person's whole birth chart. Lagna is more accurately defined as the soul's initial point of contact with its new life on Earth. This soul part travels along a path of past lives until it finally finds a body and physical form in which to express itself.

A person's nakshatra is the map that shows the heavens at the time of their birth. It outlines the planets located within each house of the horoscope. A nakshatra consists of all the stars visible from a given location on the earth at a particular time of year, plus the moon and sun. The position of these objects in the sky will be different for every person due to their individual positions relative to Earth's axis of rotation and its orbit around the Sun. However, there are certain constellations that appear frequently in people's charts that serve as markers for how a person will experience life throughout their lifetime.

For example, if a person was born during the May Day Moon, they will likely have emotional feelings related to love and marriage. The constellation Taurus is associated with this sign-of-the-month. Stars from this constellation are known as "bullish" or "macho" stars because they represent strength and power in men and fertility in women.

Which is more important, Lagna or Rashi?

In astrology, both Lagna and Rashi are extremely important. Their significance grows significantly when they are regarded before auspicious situations such as marriage or the launch of a new enterprise. However, most individuals do not distinguish between Lagna and Rashi. Rashi, on the other hand, is the moon sign. It influences how you think, your personality, and your behavior as well as what signs of astronomy you have. The lagna, on the other hand, is the planet that determines your character, your intelligence, and your physical health.

As far as marriage is concerned, the lagna indicates which part of the horoscope is most favorable for marriage. If the lagna is in an agreeable sign, then marriage will be successful. Otherwise, it will fail. On the other hand, the rashi indicates whether a person is inclined to marry again after a failed marriage or not. If the rashi is in a negative sign, then one cannot expect another marriage to be different from the first one. However, if the rashi is in a positive sign, then one can hope for happiness in future marriages.

With respect to business, the lagna indicates how you take decisions and what type of business you should enter into. If the lagna is afflicted, then you may suffer losses in business. Alternatively, if the lagna is exalted, then you will enjoy success in business.

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