How does Mercury retrograde affect me?

How does Mercury retrograde affect me?

Expect to have more or less energy than usual, particularly worried energy. Mercury retrograde in January 2021 will either steal your normal zest and leave you feeling sluggish, or it will fill you with chaotic, dispersed energy that will leave you feeling restless, distracted, and nervous. Either way, this is not a time to put yourself in dangerous situations.

If you're having problems deciding what role technology should play in your life, think about how you feel when Mercury is in retrograde. It's probably best to make some temporary changes until the signal goes away, then return to your regular practices once again.

Can Mercury retrograde cause weird dreams?

When you don't get enough rest during Mercury's retrograde, you're more likely to have strange nightmares. According to Dreaming with Neko, Mercury retrograde may cause "false awakenings," which occur when you believe you are awake and doing something but are actually dreaming. Neko says this phenomenon usually happens when you experience something unusual or inexplicable in a dream and then finds corroboration of some sort after you wake up.

If you do have strange dreams during the time of the retrograde, it may be because you aren't getting enough sleep. Sleep is important for maintaining healthy moods and emotions, so if you aren't getting enough of it, then that's going to show in your waking life too. Strange dreams may also be caused by anxiety or other mental stresses during this period. If you are having trouble sleeping or feel like you aren't able to relax even though you might physically be asleep, then see your doctor to find out what's wrong.

Does Mercury in retrograde affect sleep?

The sort of effect you will feel depends on which of the twelve zodiac signs Earth is in at the time Mercury turns retrograde. However, because Mercury governs everyone's nervous system, you may feel more emotional and agitated than normal, which may interfere with your recommended eight hours of sleep. Also, since it takes about two weeks for a new moon to pass, it can be difficult to get back into a regular sleeping pattern after an extended lunar cycle.

Here are some other possible effects: insomnia, nightmares, restless sleep, sudden mood changes, depression, anxiety, anger issues, problems with coworkers or friends, physical ailments (such as headaches or stomachaches), false clues (such as missing an important deadline or rejection), and other complications might arise from not getting enough rest. If you experience any of these symptoms during a period when Mercury is retrograding, it's best to consider them a warning sign that you need to pay closer attention to what's going on around you.

As far as how to remedy the situation, try talking with others about your concerns online or in person. Get support from family and friends if necessary. It may also help to take a hot shower or do something else active and relaxing instead of lying in bed feeling anxious about the future. Above all, don't panic - this is only a temporary condition that will eventually resolve itself.

What effect will the retrograde have on me?

You're feeling the retrograde in a very personal manner, Aquarius, because it's taking place totally within your zodiac sign. You're normally full of strong opinions and new ideas, but you may find yourself in a three-week mental fog, unable to produce a thought that seems like your own. Dreams may be confusing or even frightening, so interpret them from a logical perspective instead of just letting them feel true.

Your brain is telling you that something isn't right with this picture. So rather than ignoring these feelings, as some people might, you should listen to your instincts during this time. They are trying to tell you something about where you stand with relationships, work, health, and other important aspects of your life. The truth is likely to emerge when the planets move out of their current positions in your sign and back into more positive angles.

The effects of the retrograde won't end when the first planet returns to its original position. Rather, you'll continue to feel its influence until the last planet moves out of its current position. In fact, the closer a planet is to moving out of your sign, the longer its effect will last. For example, if Uranus remains in Aries until March 21, it will still be having an impact on you until at least April 20. That's more than two months!

Retrogrades can be difficult times for partnerships.

How does mercury affect Virgos?

If things seem a little shaky at work right now, don't worry, dear Virgo—probably it's because Mercury is retrograde in the portion of your horoscope that governs your job and public life. As a result, you may find it difficult to proceed on professional initiatives or to appropriately represent yourself at work. Mercury's presence in your career sector also suggests that any problems you do encounter are likely to come from within your organization rather than outside sources.

Virgins were sacred to Mars, as were young men (and women). Thus, it makes sense that virility would be particularly important for those with Mars in their charts. However, even if they aren't married, mature males will often have Venus along with Mars in their charts as well. If this is you, you too will feel an attraction to female partners, but probably not enough to make marrying or engaging in sexual relationships desirable options. Instead, you might prefer to focus on building up your body through exercise and the like.

Venus represents love and beauty. So, it isn't surprising that many lovers are found among those with Venus in their charts. Indeed, many marriages can be traced back to the presence of Venus in one or both parties' charts. However, unlike Mars which demands action, Venus requires sensitivity and tenderness. If you're a true Virgo, you should know how to give love comfortably as well as receive it.

Why do exes come back during Mercury retrograde?

"If an ex reappears during a Mercury Retrograde, it's generally because we haven't learnt the lesson from that relationship," Terrones says. "Mercury Retrograde is about clearing your mind's comprehension of prior experiences in order to go ahead," Terrones explains. "So if you're seeing an ex during this time, it means that you are still thinking about them and their behavior, which isn't good for your mental health."

Exes come back during Mercury retrogrades to remind us that we can't rewrite history or change the past, even though we might want to. This person was important at one point in our lives, so giving them space is necessary so that we don't suffer any consequences including heartache or loss. Even if you hated your ex's behavior, you shouldn't hate yourself more because you still have feelings for them. Remember that people grow and change and sometimes we have to let them go.

Should I make an offer on a house during Mercury Retrograde?

"Make certain you're not purchasing in a frenzy and that this is the correct property for you," she advises. Slowing down and contemplating everything about a property before making an offer might result in some tremendous insight. "Mercury Retrograde may be a useful discomfort," Jessica explains. "It can help reveal flaws in the current arrangement that would have gone unnoticed otherwise."

With Jupiter in Sagittarius now, there will be a desire to take on more risk and expand your mind, which could mean finding new ways to earn a living or moving to an exciting new place. If you do decide to make an offer while Mercury is in retrograde, make sure it's one you wouldn't regret later.

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