How does a retrograde affect us?

How does a retrograde affect us?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion, which means it looks as if the planet is moving backwards from our view here on earth. Astrologers believe that during this perceived backward motion, technology and communication could get disrupted, putting a damper on anyone's summer mood.

What causes Mercury to retrograde? The movement of mercury between planets in the solar system is called "retrogradation." During a Mercury retrograde, Earth's closest planetary neighbor moves back into Gemini (the sign it occupies when it goes into retrograde). At these times, observers on Earth see only one side of Mercury at once. One hemisphere is facing forward while the other is looking back at its home planet.

These retrogrades can cause problems for travelers by making changeovers (from one flight to another) difficult or impossible. In fact, some say that Mercury goes into retrograde every day until we reach the end of August, so keep that in mind if you're planning any adventures after that! They can also disrupt business activities by causing technical issues with computers and phones, as well as delays in receiving mail and packages.

But even though they are not fun, there are many benefits to be had from being around when Mercury goes retrograde. First of all, they help reveal information that may have been hidden before.

How will the retrograde affect 2020?

Mercury retrograde is frequently connected with confusion, annoyance, misunderstanding, and delay. Plans frequently fall through at this time, and misunderstandings are widespread. As Mercury marches backward, many parts of our lives may appear to be moving backward as well.

Turbulence in the Earth's atmosphere creates the illusion of apparent retrograde motion. 3. When Earth passes another planet, its gravitational force slows it down, making it appear to be going backward.

What does "retrograde" mean spiritually?

While the term "retrograde" may seem ominous, it just indicates that Mercury is slowing down and appears to be moving backward from your perspective here on Earth. Working with the energy of Mercury retrograde isn't always easy, but this transit doesn't have to indicate that all hope is gone. Rather, it's a good time to reflect on past mistakes and try to correct them. Retrogrades are also known as "backward planets," which can give us an opportunity to look at things from a new angle.

Mercury retrograde starts on the first day of the month when it enters its retrograde period. It will remain in retrograde until the 30th day after it entered its retrograde period. During this time, planetary movements are reversed, appearing to move backward from their normal direction. For example, if Mercury is seen rising in the east and setting in the west, during normal directions, then it has retrograded back to where it started from.

The effects of Mercury retrograding are based on individual perceptions. Some people find these effects frustrating and wish they could do something about it, while others see them as an opportunity to rethink certain situations or projects. The best thing you can do is remain open to changing perspectives instead of getting caught up in feelings of failure or success based on how a situation is viewed right now. As Mercury moves into more flexible signs like Virgo and Pisces, we can expect further understanding of the importance of looking beyond first impressions.

Why is retrograde bad?

Mercury is renowned as the planet that governs all communication, according to B.C.-based astrologist Georgia Nicols. This implies that when Mercury goes retrograde, individuals may have communication challenges, technological glitches, or even misplaced mail. These problems can arise at any time during a retrograde period, but they are especially likely to occur right before or after a full moon.

The best way to deal with a retrograde Mercury is to remain patient and don't panic if things go wrong. It may be helpful to track how the Mercury retrograde is affecting you in a journal or diary. Also, try not to focus on what's being withheld from you, but instead think about what needs to be said directly. Finally, keep in mind that the more you worry about this issue, the worse it will get.

As Mercury moves through each sign it retrogrades, a new set of issues comes up. Because there are 12 signs in the Zodiac, there are 12 sets of problems related to Mercury. An individual's birth chart will reveal which issues are most important to them as a result of having Mercury as their ruling planet.

Why do ex-lovers come back during retrograde?

If Mercury Retrograde is known for one thing, it's for bringing ex-lovers back even when you don't want them to. This is due to the fact that this planet urges us to reflect on prior mistakes and choices in order to obtain more insight. So with regard to love, Mercury Retrograde often causes former lovers to reach out to past connections because they need information or guidance about current relationships.

Mercury also influences how we perceive others' emotions. So if you were feeling sad or anxious during the day but didn't think much of it, by nightfall those feelings may have come back to haunt you. That's because at night Mercury moves into Virgo where it forms a conjunction with the ruler of sadness and anxiety, Saturn. When planets move into signs they share, these combinations increase their power and can make us feel worse about ourselves and our situations before we even have a chance to feel better.

Retrograde Mercury can cause problems within relationships because it makes us question what we believe about partners. If you thought something was wrong with your relationship but can't figure out what it is from direct observation, then it might be because you rely solely on your senses - which are impaired during a Mercury retrograde - so you're missing important details. Try watching some old home movies or listening to recordings of your partner from earlier in the relationship to see if anything changes.

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