How do you know if your Venus is weak?

How do you know if your Venus is weak?

If Venus is weak in your kundali, you will be uninterested in house d├ęcor. Diabetes may be exacerbated by a weak or affiliated Venus. A weak or affiliated Venus may inflict financial losses during its mahadasha. Venus's association may result in several partnerships or relationship breakdown.

Venus is the third planet from the Sun and it has always been an interesting planet to watch as it goes through different phases as it orbits our star. It can either be strong or weak depending on the time of its arrival in your life. Strong Venus indicates intelligence, good health, great beauty, success in love, luxury, and enjoyment of life. Weak Venus indicates stupidity, illness, poor health, lack of beauty, failure in love, and distress over money problems. A weak or unaffiliated Venus causes sorrow, loss, and death.

The strength of Venus is determined by the position of its lagoon. If this body of water is covered with ice, then Venus is considered strong. Otherwise, it is called weak. During its transit across the face of the Earth, Venus passes between us and the Sun at some point between the Sun and Mars. When this happens, it is dark outside because most sunlight is blocked by the atmosphere of Venus. However, when astronomers look at the surface of Venus from a distance using telescopes, they can see small circles that are white or light blue in color. These are the places where the sunlit part of Venus is visible from Earth.

What happens when Venus is in the 2nd house?

When Venus is located in the second house of the horoscope, the individual will be extremely affluent, a warm lover, well-liked in society, and full of charm and happiness. They will also benefit financially from diamonds, have a large combined family, be fearless, and have the potential to become poets. The second house represents your material wealth, your love life, and your reputation. If Venus is afflicted, poor, or out of balance with respect to the other planets in your chart, you will be obsessed with money, look for lovers who aren't available, and suffer from fear and jealousy.

If Venus is exalted in the second house, you will be happy with your wealth and status, enjoy marriage and loving relationships, and find success in business. You will also receive inspiration from others' successes, have good taste, and be able to afford luxury items. Exalted Venus brings additional benefits including beauty, talent, pleasure, and love luck.

What if Rashi Lord is Venus?

Venus controls the 7th house of marriage and partnership in the kalpurush kundali; he is the lord of Taurus and Libra rashis. Without a doubt, a powerful Venus in the horoscope fills the native with beauty, arts, love, wisdom, conjugal bliss, fortune, physical attractiveness, and all of life's materialistic pleasures.

However, this same planet also causes suffering by its involvement with passion and desire which can lead to deceit, adultery, divorce, and even death. Thus, although Venus is one of the most beneficent planets, it can be dangerous when it enters into a relationship without understanding its effects.

If Rashi is considered to be the son of Mars then that would make him the prince of war. His exaltation indicates success in battle, victory in court proceedings, and triumph in sports. However, like many other marsian planets, Rashi too can be destructive if used improperly. It can lead to violence, anger, jealousy, theft, murder, and illness. Indeed, Rashi is known as "the destroyer."

If Rashi is considered to be the Sun then that would make him completely self-sufficient and independent. He has no need for anything else but himself. Therefore, having his name placed before any other planet or sign is an indication of being completely separate from others. This person may appear cold at first, but once you get to know them they will reveal themselves to be very loving and caring.

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