How do you kill a werewolf?

How do you kill a werewolf?

A fully adult werewolf will normally take three to five bouts to defeat. Mercury is also utilized to track out werewolves. Although utilizing mercury is essentially the same as using a silver bullet, this is where the term "Guicksilver" comes from. Taking out a werewolf's heart or head is a sure-fire way to end his life. Werewolves are vulnerable to attacks from silver objects and other forms of silver ammunition.

Werewolves are human beings like you and me but with one difference: they have been bitten by a wolf while still in their mother's womb; thus they are born as wolves but eventually grow into humans. This condition is called "Lycanthropy" and it is estimated that there are approximately 70,000 werewolves living among us today.

Wolves and humans used to be one single species until about 10,000 years ago when the first wolf attack was reported near what is now Moscow. Since then, these attacks have been happening regularly, so people started calling them monsters or demons and started hunting them down. In Europe, they would use mercury to cure diseases and make items look more attractive. In America, they used bullets made of silver because that's all that was available. Today, doctors can treat werewolves with antibiotics because they cannot get away from it anymore. Werewolves are vulnerable to iron objects because their blood doesn't clot properly. If you encounter a werewolf, try not to run away from him or her because they might follow you until they find an easy target.

How do you stop being a werewolf?

If you come across a werewolf in his "human" form, kill it then; it will be easy and it will not live on. These are excellent methods for killing a werewolf. Hunters normally employ ancient weapons to kill a werewolf, such as crossbows, swords, and canes, and seldom use guns, unless they use silver bullets. Werewolves cannot be killed by ordinary means, except by exposure to the sun. It must be dawn sunlight only. If not, the werewolf will come back when night falls.

The best way to stop being a werewolf is by using one of these methods: die or turn human. If you want to stop being a werewolf but you're not sure if any of these methods work, try reading about other people who have been bitten by a werewolf. They might know more about how to stop being one.

Werewolves usually change into their wolf forms during full moons. Being around many people, especially children, makes them feel alive again and this is why most werewolves cannot resist changing into wolves around children. Werewolves need blood to survive and child blood is very powerful. If a werewolf does not feed itself regularly, it will start to starve itself until it finds some sort of life-force, either human or animal. Werewolves that find humans are often hunters or farmers in need of a partner, so they can spread their virus through blood gifts. Werewolves that find animals are often hunters or farmers who want to spread their virus through blood meals.

Is it possible to kill a werewolf with a silver bullet?

The belief that werewolves die from a silver bullet to the heart is a complete fabrication. It's completely true. If you're an excellent shot and have pure silver bullets on hand, you should have the simplest time killing a werewolf.

Werewolves are human beings like you and me. They get hungry when they don't eat for a while so they go looking for food. When they find something tasty, their metabolism increases to help digest the food which requires more energy than normal human digestion so they need to drink to stay hydrated. Werewolves are not immune to disease and can be infected by bacteria, viruses, and parasites just like anyone else. They can also suffer from injuries just like humans.

In other words, werewolves are perfectly normal people who happen to change into wolves at night. Although they are physically capable of eating meat, vegetables, and even fruits, most werewolves only consume raw animal flesh. That's because healthy werewolves need to keep their bodies active to burn off excess energy and maintain their strength. Eating cooked or processed foods would be akin to feeding a fire with gasoline. The only way to kill a werewolf is with a silver bullet to the heart!

Here's how: werewolves are completely vulnerable to silver objects because it interferes with their ability to change.

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