How do you avoid bad luck from breaking a mirror?

How do you avoid bad luck from breaking a mirror?

Toss the shattered mirror into a south-flowing creek. This is a good idea if you have some extra time and everything else has failed. Toss the fragments into a south-flowing creek. This will wipe away the bad luck in seven hours, rather than seven years. Of course, if the creek is not flowing toward the south, then you have made things worse.

If you are in a hurry, take the broken mirror to your local glass cutter and have him repair it. If you can't find a glass cutter near you, then go to a shop that deals with such things and tell them what happened. They will charge you somewhere between $20 and $100 for the repair work, but this is better than having something terrible happen.

Finally, if all else fails, ask for help. The first thing to do is see if there is anyone around who would like to help you avoid bad luck. Maybe they could watch where their hands are going, or perhaps they could stand in front of an east-facing door to keep evil spirits out. There may be other ways that someone could help you out. Ask, and you might just find a solution.

Is it bad luck if you crack a mirror?

Breaking a mirror, according to superstition, brings seven years of ill luck. The only way to combat this is to take the pieces from the home and bury them under the moonlight. This will neutralize the curse.

The mirror itself becomes evil magic once it has been broken. However, if you find a new mirror with its backing still in place, keep your old one and put this new piece in place of it. The new mirror will then serve as protection against misfortune.

If you are in possession of another person's broken mirror, you should avoid breaking it yourself. Instead, you should call someone who can afford the loss that much more money. A professional glass breaker would be happy to come to your location and deal with the problem quickly and quietly. Even if you plan to fix the mirror later, first calling a specialist will save you trouble later on when there's no longer anyone around to complain about all the damage you've done.

It is important to note that this tradition does not apply to regular mirrors. They cannot bring bad luck onto you. Also, a mirror is a useful tool for seeing danger before it hits you. Thus, it makes sense that people would want to protect their possessions by burying broken mirrors under the moonlight.

What will happen if you break a mirror?

As mirrors inevitably break, there are a variety of rituals that can be performed to break the spell of bad luck. You could grind all the pieces of a broken mirror into dust because they still reflect a person and their corrupted soul... or at least that's what people believe happens.

How do you dispose of a mirror without any luck?

Everyone knows that breaking a mirror is bad luck, but throwing away the broken pieces is even worse. Instead, crush the shattered pieces to dust and disperse them in the wind, or take a piece of the mirror to reflect the moon when the next full moon arrives.

In some countries, it is illegal to throw out broken mirrors because they contain hazardous materials such as silver. Before disposing of a mirror like this, have the dealer or collector of antique items determine if the mirror is worth preserving or not. If not, consider donating it to a museum or other charitable organization.

How do you get rid of a mirror without any luck?

Don't shatter a mirror. Everyone knows that breaking a mirror is bad luck, but throwing away the shattered parts is much worse. If you are really desperate, soak the cloth in vinegar and lay it over the mirror's surface for a few hours then wash it off.

If you don't want to deal with broken glass, try putting toothpaste on the mirror before you throw it out. That way, if there is ever a chance you might need a bathroom mirror, you'll have no trouble finding one!

You can also use soap to clean mirrors. First wet the area around the mirror with water and let it dry. Then rub some soft soap onto a cloth and wipe the mirror clean.

Mirrors contain mercury which is toxic if you eat it or breathe it in. So if you come across a mirrored room, go ahead and avoid breathing in the mercury vapor. Also, avoid skin contact with any silver contained in the mirror - even in small amounts it can cause serious problems for humans. Finally, don't throw out mercury-containing products without first getting expert advice about how best to dispose of it.

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