How do I know if my father died of astrology?

How do I know if my father died of astrology?

The time of the 4th house ruler might result in the death of the person's father. The seventh count is from the tenth house. The tenth house is the dwelling of the father. In addition, the ruler of the 11th house can be utilized to predict the death of the biological father. These predictions are all based on the concept that fathers typically live longer than mothers.

To understand how these houses affect men and women differently, consider that the fourth house is the house of marriage. A married man will likely have a happy marriage and continue to love his wife even after she leaves him. If the fourth house is afflicted, there is a chance that the husband will enter into unhappy marriages or suffer from divorce proceedings.

Similarly, the seventh house is the house of children. If there are any children, then the father will most likely be involved in their lives even after he dies. He might even get to meet some new siblings since mothers usually only have two hands available for work instead of four like men. If the seventh house is afflicted, there is a chance that the father will not be able to take care of his children once he dies.

The eleventh house is the house of health. If someone is healthy, they will likely live a long life. If the eleventh house is afflicted, there is a chance that the person will suffer from illnesses such as cancer or heart disease.

How can you predict your mother’s death by astrology?

The Mother-Period of the 5th house ruler might signal the death of the mother. After the fourth home, the fifth house is counted. In addition, the reign of the monarch of the tenth house (10th house is counted seventh from the 4th house) The time of the 4th house ruler might result in the death of the person's father. After the ninth return, the fourth house is counted.

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How do I know my profession in astrology?

The tenth house in a horoscope represents a person's career and reputation. The type of employment performed as a career, the position achieved in society, assistance from the government of the day (kings in ancient times), and so on are all visible via the 10th house and the lord of the 10th. The planet ruling the 10th house determines how a person develops their career.

The sign of the zodiac represented by the 10th house affects what kind of career one chooses, but also how successful they are in pursuing it. A person will find it difficult to move out of a career that is not right for them. They should also be aware that there are limitations beyond which one cannot progress in one's career. There are fields of work that are suitable for some people but not for others. For example, someone with the Sun in the 10th house who is also born under the sign of Cancer may find it hard to advance in a job that requires contact with the public; because they are likely to be perceived as unapproachable and cold by others. Conversely, if this same person has the Moon in the 10th house they may have no problem at all becoming an expert in something that can be done from behind a desk!

The aspect of the planets involved in determining the quality and direction of one's career. In other words, one's profession in astrology.

Is the descendant the 7th house?

The descendant represents companions or relationships and sits on the cusp of the seventh house of the horoscope. The descendant is controlled by Libra, the seventh sign of the zodiac, and Venus, its governing planet. It can be considered as a relationship department of the chart. A person may have many descendants, but only one great-granddaughter or grand-nephew will affect him/her greatly. Other relatives may seem important at first glance, but they cannot compare with a blood relation who shares the same DNA.

The descendant houses love affairs, marriages, and fertility issues. All these areas are related to relationships, which is why it is important for the descendant to find true love. If it isn't found, then the person will go through life randomly choosing partners, which won't benefit his/her horoscope significantly.

Marriages and love affairs that end in divorce are usually not happy ones. Divorce papers often include money matters, so if this area is being asked about in the chart, there is a chance that the person will be going through a difficult time in his/her current relationship.

If a woman is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is, she has several options including using DNA testing to find out.

How do you know the 10th house lord?

Saturn: Saturn can also be the 10th house ruler through its two signs. For various reasons, in either sign (Capricorn or Aquarius) as 10th house lord, Saturn in the 10th house (for Aries or Taurus ascendants respectively) surely indicates a person's having a distant relationship with their father. If there is something else in the chart indicating that Saturn is involved somehow with love and marriage, then this possibility will have to be considered.

The 10th house is the house of marriage partners, divorce, and remarriage. It represents social interactions and influences, including parental ones. Thus, it is not surprising that planets in this house relate to your family history and how you were parented. If a planet is involved with divorce, remarriage, or multiple marriages, it may be placed in the 10th house as well. The more negative aspects of these relationships, such as arguments or conflicts, would reflect back on the personality from which the planets influence is received.

In addition to rulership by individual planets, some chart patterns include all planets in the 10th house together (known as a "10th-house group"!). In this case, the person would experience relations with his or her father in an extremely distanced way, due to many factors including birth order, gender, and whether or not the person was adopted. This type of pattern is very common among celebrities and important people who have died violently.

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