How do I find the best career in astrology?

How do I find the best career in astrology?

Astrology Provides a Hint As a result, employment like writing, public speaking, secretarial work, and journalism will be most suited to them. If Venus is in the house of riches and the third house is strong in the birth chart, it indicates that the individual is interested in business. The planet Mars indicates action and courage. A person with this placement can be successful if they choose a career that uses these qualities.

Furthermore, individuals with this placement tend to enjoy working with their hands as well as learning new skills. Construction, engineering, farming, and office work are all good choices for people with this placement.

Finally, individuals with this placement value security over excitement in their lives. Therefore, they should look for jobs that provide stability rather than change every other year. Banking, law enforcement, or any job where you don't have to worry about changing companies every few months is perfect for them.

In conclusion, individuals with this placement are motivated by money and love. Thus, employment in the finance industry or as a personal assistant would suit them best. Additionally, they are creative, so careers in art, music, or writing would also be good choices.

As an astrologer, all I can say is that there are many ways to serve God and others. Whatever you choose, just make sure that you stay true to yourself and your instincts.

What job will I get according to astrology?

Depending on the ruler of the 10th House, Career Astrology describes numerous types of vocations that a person may pursue. The conjunctions of Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and the Moon imply vocations in engineering or medicine, while the presence of Venus and Mars suggests an electrical field. A person's sun sign also determines what jobs he or she is likely to be drawn to, as does his/her zodiac animal.

For example, someone who is born under the sign of Capricorn is likely to become an administrator, manager, or policymaker. A Aquarius is likely to become an entertainer or artist. A Taurus is likely to become a teacher or minister. All parts of the body correspond to signs. For example, the brain is part of the nervous system and the heart is part of the circulatory system. These organs are represented by signs that are connected to one another by way Sun Sign.

The type of work you do depends on your nature and the nature of the job market at any given time. If you are an introvert without many friends and don't want to make many friends, a job as a secretary would fit you well. However, if you want to be out among people all the time, then a job as an actor would suit you better.

How do you predict your career in Vedic astrology?

In order to produce an accurate career forecast, Career Specialist Astrologers must evaluate the following factors:

  1. The strength of the Lord of the 10th House.
  2. The placement of the Lord of the 10th House.
  3. The position of the Lord of the 3rd and the 5th House.
  4. The placement of the Sun in your Chart.

What does astrology say about my career?

Career Astrology may also reveal a person's nature in terms of job and study. It also predicts how intellectual or artistic the person will be, what position the native will occupy at work, and how long they will work in a certain sector. Career Astrology reveals all this information based on a person's natal chart.

Your career is shaped by many factors, not just your personality type. Environment, training, opportunities, employment practices, and more all play a role in determining where you will work and what jobs are available. Your career path may even depend on things such as where you were born, what city, what state, what country.

A person's career path is very much influenced by their current life circumstances. If they are married with children, for example, there will be no way around having a career that provides an adequate income. Otherwise, they will have to make some changes in order to raise enough money to live on.

People often ask me what kind of job I would want if I was born in another time or place. This is a difficult question to answer because we can't know what other options might have been available to them. What's more, we don't take into account all the factors that influence one's career path.

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