How do I find out what year my Mercury outboard motor is?

How do I find out what year my Mercury outboard motor is?

The serial number of your Mercury outboard is the sequence of letters and digits (or just numbers) at the top of the identification tag or instruction plate. On later Mercury outboards, the tag or plate will additionally include the year of production of the engine underneath the serial number. For example, a tag with the serial number "XYZ123" produced in 1993 would have its engine marked as such by including the year "1993" in square brackets after the serial number. Engines made before 1992 do not include years of production.

You can use an online serial number search tool to check if a given vehicle has been registered yet. The site will provide the make and model along with the current registration plate number and whether it is still active. If the plate has expired or been revoked, you will be shown this information too.

Online tools such as these are useful for when you don't know exactly what manufacturer's part number you're looking for but you know the general area it resides in. They also help if you aren't sure if any modifications have been made to the vehicle's body or chassis. Some manufacturers place identifying information such as VIN numbers on components that won't show up on the exterior of the vehicle. These numbers can help identify a problem component if something goes wrong with it later.

Where is the serial number on my Mercury outboard motor?

The serial number label on Mercury outboards is situated on the transom bracket. The MerCruiser serial number label may be found on the side of the engine or on top of the flame arrester cover. It contains 9 numbers that are printed in black ink.

All Mercury outboard motors have a unique set of numbers that identify them as such. These numbers are located on a label that is attached to the transom bracket, which is behind the seat. When purchasing a used Mercury outboard motor, make sure to check for damage to the transom bracket or its mounting holes before buying it. Also check the condition of the serial number label because these can be removed and applied to another motor if not reported damaged.

Besides being aware of what numbers go with which outboard motor, knowing how to read them is important for several reasons. First, if you need to report a problem with your motor then you will want to do so using information provided by the manufacturer. Second, if you are selling your motor then you will want to include its serial number when listing it for sale. A third reason why reading the serial number is helpful is if you ever plan to register your motor with the government. Only registered motors are legal to operate on public waters.

Reading the serial number also provides information about the original owner and when it was manufactured.

Where to find the serial number on a Mercury engine?

The serial number on later model Mercury engines was situated on the swivel bracket, as illustrated in the image below. First, these would be on a metal tag with the numbers imprinted on it. The numbers were afterwards placed on a vinyl tag. Unfortunately, the vinyl tag is frequently washed off. If you cannot locate the serial number, contact Mercury Customer Service.

On early model Mercury engines the serial number was located on the back of the block next to the oil drain plug hole. It consisted of four numbers arranged in a square pattern. The first number indicates the year of manufacture while the last three numbers are a reference to the assembly line where the car was built. An example would be: "87-JH1-0001".

Mercury used several different factories throughout its history to produce its cars. Some of these plants used only one model year while others produced multiple models over time. This allows us to distinguish between late model Mercury vehicles which were manufactured at the San Jose, California factory from 1963 to 1967 and early model Mercurys which were made at the Springfield, Ohio factory from 1947 to 1962.

Later model years use the same basic components as early models but they are usually equipped with various option packages that affect their appearance and performance. For example, all 1964 Mercurys came with three-point belts instead of two-point belts. Also, all 1965 models had power steering as an optional extra on the Custom Deluxe series.

How do you find out what year my outboard motor is?

Are you unsure about the year of your outboard motor? The serial number will assist you in determining the year of your engine. The serial number or model number of your engine may be located on the engine's midsection. This plate is frequently stamped with the engine's year as well. Outboard motors were commonly sold without a serial number, so it is not unusual to find engines from different years with their serial numbers matching. However, if your engine has a serial number, you can be sure that its year is recent enough.

Also check the manufacturer's date code on the bottom edge of the crankshaft. Outboard motors usually have either aluminum or steel crankcases. If it's an aluminum case, there should be at least three digits after the decimal point for the year. For a steel case, there should only be two digits after the decimal point. An example would be 2007.14 or 95.02. These are standard outboard motor casting dates for both aluminum and steel cases.

If you don't see a serial number or date code, that means your outboard motor was built before these identifiers were added to the engine. In this case, you'll need to search through our database of restored outboards to find one with a similar appearance to yours. There's a good chance someone else out there has rebuilt this engine, so this job could be done quickly.

You can also search by brand.

Where to find the model year of the Mercury outboard?

On the serial number sticker, the year is now usually mentioned. Mercury DOES NOT SEARCH FOR PARTS BY MODEL YEAR. This is a chart for Mercury's software. So, for example, if your serial number is "01234567," you would only utilize the search feature for models from 1976 to 1995.

Mercury Outboards sells parts and products for many different models. Some models are still produced, while others are not. The model name and year it was released can be found on the back of the dashboard inside the driver's side door. This information will help you identify which parts go with that particular boat. For example, if you have an '88 model, there are parts that only come on boats from 1988. Other parts may come on older or newer boats as well.

The best way to locate parts for your specific model is via Google Search. Type in the make and model of your boat along with the word "part." Example: "Mercury Outboard Model 2002" (make sure you select "Inventory" under Search Options). You should get several results showing parts available for purchase. Some companies sell one-time use parts, while others also offer a limited lifetime warranty. Look at each part's description to determine which category it falls into.

Boat shows are another place to look for parts.

What’s the model year of a 1997 Mercury outboard?

Mercury does not disclose model year information for outboards manufactured after 1997. So, for example, if your serial number is "01234567," you would only utilize this chart up to the 67th character.

Outboard motors are designed to operate on gasoline or diesel fuel. They have an internal combustion engine with an output shaft that drives the propeller via a reduction drive assembly. The power from the engine is transmitted through a set of drive shafts and gears (or a single drive shaft with a chain or belt transmission) to a differential mounted within the motor case. The differential allows both sides of the boat to be driven simultaneously by allowing one side of the boat to get ahead of the other. This article will only discuss outboard motors used as propulsion systems for boats; we will not discuss outboard motors used as steering systems.

The model year of your outboard motor can be found by looking at the serial number located on the back of the motor. The first two numbers indicate the year, so for example, a motor with a serial number of 1-9-4-7-3-1 would be considered early 1977. Mercury sells replacement parts for older models but does not stock parts specific to newer models. If you need part information for your new motor, check with your local dealership or look on line for third party sources.

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