How do I choose a spiritual guru?

How do I choose a spiritual guru?

Be truthful and consistent in your spiritual practice. When you are ready, the master will come to you or summon you to his location. So, keep an eye out for that signal from the guru's end. The only thing keeping you from meeting your guru is that you are not yet ready.

As far as physical appearance goes, gurus can vary quite a bit. Some are very austere, some dress in colorful clothes, and some wear simple white garments. However, regardless of their physical appearance, all true gurus share two things in common: wisdom and compassion. If you see one with wisdom and compassion, then he or she is a true guru.

The best way to find a guru is by contacting local monks and nuns or searching online for information about different masters. You could also write to them if you feel comfortable doing so. Never send money through someone else. Even writing letters and sending gifts directly to the guru is acceptable. He or she will know if you are ready for a meeting and will contact you when it is time.

How do you live like a guru?

What It Takes to Be Your Own Guru

  1. Sit quietly and close your eyes.
  2. When your mind is calm, tell yourself you are ready to receive your inner wisdom.
  3. Ask it to reveal itself to you.
  4. Tell yourself you are available to be guided by it.
  5. Ask it to be there for you whenever you call upon it or need it.

How to Become a Disciple of a Guru?

Begin with books, then classes, and finally, a spiritual family. Your genuine guru will arrive in human form or via the students of a true guru, little by bit, as you refine your objectives and develop your dedication through self-effort, always being open to divine grace and direction. Slow and steady wins the race!

The best way to become a disciple of a guru is by reading about him or her in books written by those who have been disciples. This will give you an idea of what to expect from your guru and also help you put yourself in his or her shoes.

After you have read about your guru, go for classes. These should be offered by his or her community, but if they do not exist, then look for other reputable teachers in the area. The purpose of the classes is to get closer to one's guru by discussing problems that may arise as well as learning new techniques from him or her.

At some point, you will need to make the decision to follow your guru. This can only be done when you are ready - never force the issue! If he or she feels like it is the right time, then he or she will surely guide you along the path. Otherwise, you would be just another disciple trying to push someone else's ideas around. Follow your heart!

Discipleship is a long process that does not mean you must wait until you reach enlightenment before starting it.

Can you have more than one guru?

There may be a plethora of gurus from whom we could learn. A spiritual master or guru, on the other hand, is the one who introduces us into spiritual life. He is our Guru of Initiation. He links us to a spiritual ancestry. Under his guidance, we embrace a particular method for achieving self-knowledge and liberation.

Yes, you can have more than one spiritual master or guru. In fact, it is advisable to have several such people around whom you can draw inspiration and motivation for continuing on your path.

It is also important to understand that while there may be many teachers at any given time in a person's life, only one is considered the main teacher, the rest are regarded as secondary teachers or disciples of the primary one. All these teachers play an integral role in helping the disciple progress along the path to enlightenment. It is only when a true friendship develops between a student and his/her primary teacher that real learning can take place.

In modern times, many spiritual masters have become available as teachers through books or tapes. This has enabled many people all over the world to seek out other believers and receive guidance from them.

However, it is essential for anyone who wishes to learn spiritual knowledge from another human being to find a suitable mentor.

How do I connect with a guru?

If you know who your guru is but he is not in the body, converse to him mentally all the time, meditate on his picture, and pull his subtle energy to you. In this way, he will assist you in locating the individual who will provide you with that special touch. He will also guide you if you are tuned in to him.

If your guru is in the body but you cannot contact him directly, go to any holy place and pray for guidance until you feel his presence. When you are ready, ask him what needs to be done next.

Gurus often give indications of their approval or disapproval through signs such as illness, injury, or good fortune. If someone you don't know well comes into contact with you while you are praying or seeking advice, it might be appropriate to leave a note under their door or send them a mailgram indicating that you would like to meet with them later. This person could be a guru candidate!

It is not necessary for you to accept guidance from only one person. Follow your heart and remember: all great leaders were once beginners too.

How do I choose the right guru?

In the Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Nanak says, "He who makes you feel tranquil in his presence is a real Guru whom you should grasp."

  1. The ultimate purpose of all the strife is to find peace and bliss.
  2. This should be enough criteria to serve as a guide to finding a Guru.

Is it good to have a guru?

Your Guru will not only assist you on your spiritual journey, but he will also guide you in your daily lifeā€”he will give you intuition powers to decide what is good and bad for your life, he will give you powers to decide which path to take that will benefit your soul, and he will guide you which path to avoid. Having a true Guru is an amazing blessing, so do not forget about him in your daily life.

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