How does Aquarius act when rejected?

How does Aquarius act when rejected?

The sign Aquarius (January 20-February 18) While Aquarius will strive to appear to be OK and unaffected by rejection, on the inside they will be raging. The more severe their sentiments get, the more they will defame the person who rejected them, unfollow and ban them on all social media platforms.

Aquarius is an air sign, so they are very emotional and sensitive. Being ignored or cheated on by someone they love deeply is painful for them. When this happens, they will go through a period of self-doubt about their value as a person. They may even feel like giving up on life.

However, over time they will learn from their mistakes and move on with their lives. There are several signs in good standing with the Aquarian community, so if someone has done them wrong they can always find another partner with whom to share their dreams and ambitions.

Why is Aquarius so unlucky in love?

The sign Aquarius (January 21-February 18) You're completely out of touch with your own sensations and emotions. It takes you so long to decide whether you're interested in someone. People will not wait for you indefinitely.

Aquarians are known for their many relationships. However, they tend to be very fickle when it comes to love. Because you are so aware of everything around you, any relationship that lacks depth won't last very long.

Love is blind, but not to an Aquarian. You see everyone as a potential partner. That's why even though you might have some serious problems communicating with one another, you always hope things will work out anyway.

Aquarians are often labeled as cold people. But actually, they just don't feel comfortable expressing their feelings. They would rather keep their distance and be left alone than put themselves out there first.

If you are an Aquarian woman, don't worry about losing men to other women. As we've already said, you are not capable of giving anyone true passion. Therefore, any relationship that develops from your encounters will be based on convenience instead of love.

Aquarians are usually marked by their ability to find new friends or lovers every few months.

What is Aquarius afraid of?

The sign Aquarius (January 20-February 18) Aquarians are afraid of being cut out of a loved one's life and of not being there when a loved one needs them. They fear losing control and becoming someone they're not.

Aquarius is the most emotional of the zodiac signs. It's only natural that they would be more vulnerable to losing control because they're always looking over their shoulders to make sure they're still being true to themselves. This is why they hate feeling forced to do or be something they're not.

An Aquarian who fears being abandoned is afraid that they will lose control if they open up to someone else. They don't want to risk being let down or disappointed. To avoid being left alone, an Aquarius will often keep others at a distance, which only adds to their fear.

If an Aquarius fears being rejected, they will hide what they feel inside. They don't trust people with their emotions, so they bottle up their feelings and shut themselves off from the world. This behavior only adds to their fear of being abandoned because they haven't allowed themselves to feel anything yet they know it's going to happen anyway.

An Aquarius who fears being humiliated wants to make sure that they don't come across as stupid or ignorant.

What Decan is Aquarius?

20 January to 18 February People born under this sign are often ahead of their time, incredibly inventive, and a little odd. The Aquarius decan, which runs from January 20 to January 29 (roughly), is ruled by Uranus. Those born in this first decan will exhibit typical Aquarius characteristics. They are unconventional, original, and often more interested in thinking than in doing. Although they like to be accepted for who they are, they can also be considered self-centered.

As one of the zodiac's 10 air signs, people born under Aquarius are known for their independent nature, creative ideas, and unusual ways of thinking. They are also known for their interest in new technologies and all things scientific.

Aquarians are natural leaders who know what they want and how to go about getting it. They are innovative and sometimes controversial, but they never shy away from putting themselves out there. Often seen in the media, this sign is always on the cutting edge of something new and exciting.

Aquarians are known for their unique sense of style and taste in fashion. They tend to prefer clothes that are easy to move in, have a lot of color, and fit comfortably. Although most think of flowers when someone mentions Aquarius, the zodiac actually refers to the water bearer as a fish. This sign represents both the ocean and the human heart.

Aquarians are known for being dramatic at times.

Does Aquarius know how to fight?

The sign Aquarius (January 20-February 18) They dislike arguing, despite the fact that they have strong opinions. If you get into a dispute with an Aquarius, they will strive to find common ground rather than proving that they are correct. However, if you push them too far, they will suddenly turn on you. They are very loyal to those who have shown them kindness, but can be cold toward newcomers.

Aquarius is one of the few signs that are represented by both a male and female animal. In this case, the male aquarius is the bear. The bear is a strong-willed sign that is known for its independent nature. It is also aware of its strength and does not fear confrontation. This makes it easy for the bear to find food and avoid being eaten. Despite this awareness, bears can be susceptible to hunger and thirst, which may cause them to look for trouble when searching for food or water.

Aquarius's ruling planet is Uranus, which is the reason why these people are original and unique. They tend to be more open minded than others because they have no interest in copying someone else's life. Instead, they follow their own path which often leads them to make decisions that surprise others. This independence of thought is good, but sometimes aquarians don't think things through thoroughly before acting.

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