How difficult is the Enlightenment?

How difficult is the Enlightenment?

Some people have a tough time finding Buddha despite traveling practically every zone on the planet in quest of it. Some people catch it right away on their first night! As a result, enlightenment has nothing to do with time, place, efforts, intelligence, physical/mental exertion, yoga practices, meditation, or even transmission. It's not feasible. Instead, it's a matter of individual disposition.

The hard part about the Enlightenment is that it's not easy to find out you have it. Once found, the rest is easy-peasy.

Is self-realization the ultimate value of enlightenment?

However, enlightenment is a journey, not a destination. And self-realization is the starting point or entrance to this journey. The final worth of enlightenment is determined by the person. Obtaining enlightenment and then doing nothing with it will not go you very far.

The only way to find out if this path is for you is to walk it yourself. Only you can decide what it means to live an enlightened life.

Self-realization brings about a profound transformation of one's life that goes beyond anything we can imagine today. It opens up new dimensions of human experience that cannot be found anywhere else. At its deepest level, it is a quest for the soul. We all seek meaning in our lives and seek to connect with something eternal, but for many people, this search ends with religion or philosophy. For others, it does not end there but rather leads to the world wide web. Self-realization is a unique experience that no one can take away from you. It is entirely up to you how you use it to improve your own life and the lives of those around you.

When used correctly, wisdom flows naturally through everyone who has realized their true nature. However, ignorance is its own kind of power, so if someone realizes their identity with ego then they are free to act according to their desires.

Is the Enlightenment a destination or a journey?

Enlightenment is a process, not a destination. Many people regard enlightenment as a once-in-a-lifetime event or as some great last, pinnacle achievement after which nothing more essential exists. One never arrives at enlightenment; rather, enlightenment arrives at one.

Enlightenment is a continuous process of awakening to one's true nature. It is not something that can be achieved or lost. As one continues down this path, one discovers new aspects of oneself and one's world that were invisible before. One becomes aware of incorrect ideas about life, death, God, reality, etc., and finally sees through them all. This means seeing through the illusory nature of our thoughts and feelings, including pain and pleasure. From an absolute perspective, there is no difference between life and death, but from a relative perspective, many people cannot handle the idea that they will eventually die. This fear causes most people to stay asleep forever. From an absolute perspective, everything is infinite. But from a relative perspective, some things are more important than others, so we limit what we experience during our limited time on Earth.

The goal of Buddhism is called "enlightenment," which means "to cut off". This does not mean that you stop thinking or feeling, but that you stop attaching to their outcome. You stop chasing happiness or avoiding pain.

Is meditation the only way to enlightenment?

In human history, no one has gained enlightenment through Zen or meditation. Buddha never claimed to have attained enlightenment through meditation. So a genuinely enlightened creature may point out things precisely as they are in actuality and grasp the law of how the universe operates. However, it is not possible for most people to do this because they lack wisdom.

People often wonder if meditation is the only way to enlightenment. Meditation is just a tool used by many great teachers over history to bring people closer to reality. But it is not the reality itself. A person who knows everything about you yet still has opinions about what kind of tea to drink after dinner: This person isn't fully aware. Only someone who lacks judgments about tea and food needs to be identified with in order to see their true nature.

The only thing we can be sure will lead to enlightenment is death. Because once you die, you can no longer take advantage of future lives to work on yourself. You need to let go of your ego completely so that there's nothing left to protect or preserve. Then you'll be free from suffering.

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