How did Juno try to kill Hercules?

How did Juno try to kill Hercules?

Jupiter's wife, Juno, was envious of Hercules. She attempted everything to kill him, including putting two very large snakes into his cradle. Hercules was only a child, but he crushed those snakes. Jupiter brought Hercules to earth to live with a mortal family in order to keep him safe from harm. Eventually, Hercules grew up and married Juno. They had three children: Heleus, Augeias and Pelias.

Juno hated Hercules because he was so much stronger than she was. Even though they were married, she tried to kill him time after time after time. Finally, Jupiter stopped her before she could succeed. He told Hercules to leave his house every year at midsummer to go fight the Cyzicus monster with the other gods. This would give him time to find out if Juno was trying to kill him.

Hercules left Jupiter's house each year at mid-summer and fought the Cyzicus monster. Every time he won, Jupiter would give him another task to complete. There was always another monster or barrier in his way that he had to overcome before returning home for winter. During these times alone, Hercules learned how to fight and use weapons. He also met some new friends who helped him defeat the monsters.

One day, Jupiter gave Hercules a task that he couldn't finish alone.

Why did Hera plague Hercules throughout his life?

Even before he was born, Hercules had opponents. Hera, Zeus' wife, fell into a furious frenzy when she learned that her husband's mistress was pregnant. When her stepson was a young adult, she performed a spell on him that momentarily rendered him mad, causing him to murder his beloved wife and their two children. For this crime, Zeus condemned Hera to eternal jealousy against all of the other goddesses.

As Hercules grew older, he returned the favor by killing many of Hera's lovers. When he died at an old age, he went to heaven where he killed Zeus' son by another woman, Epimetheus, as well. In return, Zeus sentenced Hercules to death every time he engaged in battle with him. However, each time he died, he rose again renewed and stronger than ever before.

Hera's purpose for doing this was to ensure that Hercules would never be able to join up with Zeus' favorite daughter, Athena. If he were to die and come back to life several times over, then he would have no hope of overcoming her in combat. Thus, she tried to keep him alive as long as possible so that he could not fight back against her attacks.

In addition, Hera wanted to make sure that Olympus, home of the gods, remained a place of chaos and destruction. If Hercules stayed dead, then there would be no end to the war between Heaven and Earth, which would be impossible to justify the existence of both realms.

Why did Hercules kill Zeus?

This was due to Hera, Zeus' wife, knowing Hercules was her husband's illegitimate son and wishing to eliminate him. She sent the Erinyes (Furies) after him, who were able to find him wherever he went. Not only that but when Hercules returned home, she also sent a plague against his village. This went on for three years until Zeus decided to punish Hera by making her fall in love with him again. When she realized this was impossible, she asked Zeus to end their marriage once and for all. With no choice left, Zeus married her just before killing them both off-screen.

Hera's purpose was to make sure that Hercie could never marry any woman and could never have children. So she made it so that whenever he killed someone, he would die alone with no family left behind.

In the comics, this story takes place much later after both Gods and Humans have evolved and become more civilized. But anyway, Hercules kills Zeus because He thinks It's His Duty to destroy Gaia's Enemy. As You can see, It's not exactly like in the movies where He kills Him because He's Angry at Him.

Also, in the comics, It's revealed that Hera is actually pregnant when She dies.

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