How can I know my love marriage is in Kundli?

How can I know my love marriage is in Kundli?

The pertinent planets and house lords in this case are Rahu, Moon, Mars, ascendant lord, 5th, 7th, and 12th houses. If Venus is located in the 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th, or 12th house in your horoscope, it will drive you towards love relationships and, depending on other factors, marriage. The more positive aspects of these planets are Mercury, the mind, and Jupiter, the ruler of their domiciles.

Kundalis are detailed maps used by Indian astronomers to interpret the movements of the moon, sun, and planets. They were first developed around 500 AD and have been revised over time based on new knowledge. Today, computer programs can also generate kundalis. Hindu mythology has many stories about how the world was created through the union of a celestial body (star) with earth. In modern times, scientists have also discovered evidence that points toward stars being the origin of our planet.

In conclusion, a love marriage is indicated by planets related to love and marriage located in appropriate houses in a good birth chart. The more positive aspects of these planets are Mercury, the mind, and Jupiter.

Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage based on astrology by date of birth?

Astrology can simply foretell if you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage. The planets—Mars, Venus, Rahu, the Moon, and Mercury—are in charge of forming the yogas of love marriage and arranged marriage. For love marriage forecasts by date of birth, their placement and various combinations are taken into account. For example, if Mars is located in the 4th house (love) and the Moon is located in the 8th house (marriage), then it can be inferred that this couple will marry for love but will have difficulties in maintaining their relationship. Alternatively, if Mars is located in the 7th house (marriage) and the Moon is located in the 12th house (death), then it can be inferred that this couple's marriage will be dictated by social conventions and not personal feelings.

Here's how love marriages and arranged marriages forecast by date of birth differ: In an arranged marriage, the family of the bride selects the groom. Sometimes they will select someone who lives far away from where the bride lives instead. In some cases, the bride's family may even pick out several candidates and have them come to an agreement about which one will receive the girl's hand in marriage. In other words, the selection of the husband is up to the families involved rather than the lovers themselves. Love marriages on the other hand, are when two people choose each other with their hearts rather than their heads. They look at each other as partners and don't consider anyone else while making their choice.

Can a horoscope predict an arranged marriage?

The horoscope of the individual with strong planets will determine whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. In this regard, the importance of our forecast is dependent on our study, as we discovered that having this probability is not crucial in the event of love marriage. However, if there is no love between the two couples, then this match may end in failure.

Love is the most important thing for any couple especially when they are very young. If you are looking to marry someone within the next year than you should know that chances are high that you will be married to someone without love. An arranged marriage would be a good idea for many reasons but mainly because people want to make sure that the couple is compatible before they get married. If you don't love each other then how can you expect your marriage to last forever?

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Love is a beautiful feeling and no one can deny its magic but sometimes life doesn't give you chance to show your love. If you want your love to grow stronger and reach its full potential then an arranged marriage is the answer. It will help bring harmony into your relationship since both of you were not responsible for coming up with the decision.

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