How accurate is astrology without a birth time?

How accurate is astrology without a birth time?

The most accurate method of assessing compatibility is the analysis of inter-aspects between charts, which is not very birth-time sensitive (with the exception of aspects to the angles in short ascension ascendant charts and, of course, aspects by the Moon if the birth time is completely uncertain), but rather depends on when each chart was created. An aspect is defined as two planets being within one degree of each other on the celestial sphere. So if the angle between Jupiter and Saturn is about five degrees, then they are said to be in an aspect. If there are no other factors involved, such as transiting planets or houses, then an aspect represents a period where one planet can have an impact on the other.

As far as predicting future events based on current positions of the stars, this would depend on how long you want to look back in time. For example, if we were looking at reports from the time of Jesus' birth, then some types of aspects could be useful for predicting what year it was, but beyond that any interpretation of aspects as symbols is just guesswork. A more modern example might be reading omens in animal births or movements of the moon, which is also just guessing work. In both cases, people just like making up stories because it makes them feel powerful enough to know what will happen next in their lives.

How can I find my ascendant without the birth time?

If the birth time is not provided, it is impossible to establish the ascendant degree with accuracy. Only when the individual knows the birth time range is within a few hours can the birth time be corrected by linking prior occurrences to the horoscope and planetary periods.

The problem is that most people don't know how long they were in labor or even if they had a natural or c-section delivery. In addition, most hospitals don't keep track of this information for each patient. It is also difficult to estimate the birth time range because many factors may have affected when the baby came out of the mother's body including date of birth, location, length of pregnancy, number of pregnancies, previous births, etc.

However, there are methods used by some astrologers to correct for this lack of information. One method is to use statistical data on birth times to create a range of possible ascendants. The second method uses an approximation called "placing the moon at birth". This means that if the moon was full or new when the person was born, then their ascendant is estimated to be one place higher or lower than actually calculated. For example, if the moon was New at birth, then the ascendant would be calculated as 0 degrees Aries (instead of 1 degree).

Yet another method is to assume that every person was born at midnight.

Are birth charts true?

The scientific community usually regards astrology as a pseudoscience. The few statistical evidence available does not support a link between natal birth charts and real-world outcomes. However, some people believe that their birth chart is accurate and can be used to predict future events.

Astrologers look at the planets when you were born and use this information to create a map of your life. They claim that every person's life unfolds according to its own unique pattern set by the stars at its center: the sun, moon, and earth. This concept is called "natal astrology."

People often ask me if modern science has confirmed that astrology is correct. The short answer is no. But that doesn't mean it isn't correct for someone somewhere. Astrology is a popular subject and many people believe in it, so it must be doing something right!

Scientists tend to regard astrology as a pseudoscience because there are no known physical effects where planet Earth is concerned from the activities of the planets beyond what physics allows for within our own solar system. No matter how much research is done on the topic, there will never be enough data to confirm or deny any connection between planets and humans outside of our own solar system.

Is the system of prediction incomplete without horary astrology?

Horary Astrology is a strong tool that allows us to go beyond the boundaries of the birth chart and answer problems that are often difficult to answer with the birth chart. Without the assistance of horary astrology, the prediction method is incomplete.

In addition to providing information about events that have not yet happened, horary astrology can also reveal patterns in how things are unfolding in your life at this moment. By looking at certain facts or details about your current situation, we can gain important insights about what is coming next and whether any changes need to be made.

For example, let's say you are trying to decide whether to take a job offer that will move your family away from their friends and community. The first thing that most people would do is look at the details of the job description and estimate how good the career prospects are for this position. But an experienced horary astrologer would also look at the timing of the proposal. If it was offered three days before Christmas, then they would know that there is no way that you could consider it! They might also check out your feelings about moving so far away from home, based on the planets in travel-related signs such as Taurus or Libra. In addition, they would look at other factors such as where the job is located and what type of work you would be doing there.

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