Do your wishes come true when you see a shooting star?

Do your wishes come true when you see a shooting star?

While brilliant stars aren't as well-known for fulfilling wishes as shooting stars, it's worth a shot. Believe in your desire. Wishes come true only if you believe in them! The more positive energy you put into your desire, the more likely it will be granted.

If you've never made a wish before, start with something small like wanting your favorite team to win an award or get a new player. Then work your way up to bigger things such as wanting to move up in rank on World of Warcraft or wanting to change your life completely and go traveling. No matter what you want, it can be done.

The best part is that your wish doesn't have to come from heartache or desperation. It can also be because you're excited about something new going forward. Whether your desire is big or small, make a list of all the reasons why you want what you want. Then choose one reason and focus on that until you reach your goal.

After you've finished making your wish, give yourself time every day to think about it. If your wish is really important to you, then it's okay to feel sad or scared sometimes. But try not to dwell on negative thoughts too long because this will only distract you from your goal. When you think about your wish again and again, it becomes more real and possible to achieve.

Do shooting stars grant your wishes?

Again, shooting stars that grant wishes are the result of human experiences and are not supported by science. However, while detecting a falling star is rarely simple, it doesn't harm to attempt if you ever get lucky enough to view one. Here's how you're "supposed" to wish upon a shooting star. First, you need a clear night with no clouds in sight. Next, look up at the sky and make a wish - remember what you've wished for will come true! If you were able to see many stars during the day, then you should be able to see many more at night. Since shooting stars are streaks of light, they're visible for only a short time before disappearing from view.

Now, if you saw a shooting star but it didn't appear to grant your wish, that's because it wasn't real shooting star - it was an asteroid or comet. Shooting stars are bits of rock that burn up as they enter Earth's atmosphere while asteroids are large rocks that orbit the Sun plane-side. They could be any size from just a few feet across to larger than Texas. As they pass by Earth, these objects can cause damage by impacting with the ground as far away as Argentina or Chile. Or, if they're big enough, they could put on a show high in the sky called a meteor shower.

A meteor shower is when many small objects hit Earth at once.

Can a shooting star really make your wishes come true?

Shooting stars are when a meteor enters Earth's atmosphere at high speeds--often more than 25,000 miles per hour--causing an intense heat burst when it reaches the surface.

The heat blast melts particles from the atmosphere, creating a glowing trail in the night sky. Because shooting stars are often very bright, they can be seen for many miles around; even if you aren't able to see them with the naked eye, they're usually captured on camera or detected by sensors installed on weather balloons and aircraft windows.

People have been making wishes since ancient times, probably first done so as a way to request divine assistance with matters such as winning wars or finding lost items. As humans learned how to craft better weapons and improve transportation, requests started being made for material goods instead. Today, people still make wishes, but they also invite shooting stars over as a way of asking them to fulfill their desires.

Wishes are asked directly by individuals who either write them down or speak them out loud. Sometimes, people use objects that contain their wishes (such as jewelry or stuffed animals) to represent their requests.

Does making a wish on a shooting star work?

First and foremost, the request must be made immediately and before the meteor vanishes. Also, it isn't necessary for the person making the wish to be in sight of the star when it makes its exit as long as they are awake and living when it happens. Finally, like most things found in nature, there are no guarantees that your wish will come true.

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