Does Tobi get the rinnegan?

Does Tobi get the rinnegan?

Obito possessed Asura Otsutsuki's chakra as a result of Hashirama's cells. He couldn't, however, get his hands on Indra's chakra. Madara Uchiha also awoke the Rinnegan since he was Indra's reincarnation, and Asura's chakra combined with Indra's, resulting in the Rinnegan.

However, since Hashirama's blood is needed to activate the Rinnegan, this means that Tobi isn't guaranteed to receive them. Since Madara used his own body instead, it is possible that he does not receive the Rinnegan either.

This article is about the character, for his father see Hashirama Senju.

How did Madara and Obito get Rinnegan?

Nagato gave Obito the same rinnegan, which he used in the Fourth Ninja War. When Madara awakened the rinnegan by combining the reborn ashura chakra within Hashirama with his own Indra chakra, he awakened the rinnegan, and his eyes were transplanted into Nagato when he died, and then to Obito when he died.

How does someone get the Rinnegan?

Only by combining Indra's chakra with Asura's chakra can one duplicate Hagoromo's chakra and therefore get the Rinnegan. In a same way, Sasuke gained this heavenly eye. He was Indra's reincarnation, and when Hagoromo shared part of his abilities with him, he reawakened the Rinnegan. Thus, the only way to get the Rinnegan is by being a direct descendant of Hagoromo.

In the anime, it is revealed that Kabuto Yakushi has been using his clones to collect chakra from different people in order to create another set of Rinnegan for himself. When this process is complete, he will have two sets of Rinnegan, one original and one copy. It is also possible that he has been collecting chakra all these years without knowing what it is used for.

In the manga, there is no mention of any other means of acquiring the Rinnegan other than through inheritance. However, since the author is Japanese, it is likely that more than one method may be used in the future series.

How does a Sharingan become a Rinnegan in Naruto?

A sharingan can become the Rinnegan by combining Asura's and Indra's chakras, bringing out Hagoromo Otsutsuki's chakra. Several decades after integrating Hashirama Senju's DNA into his body, both of Madara Uchiha's Sharingan become Rinnegan. During the Fourth Shinobi War, Kakashi Hatake gave both of Obito's eyes to Tobi, who used them to steal an immortal body from another dimension.

Earlier in the series, it is mentioned that a person needs to have vision in both eyes to gain access to their Rinnegan. This means that if one were to lose one's eye, they would still be able to use their Sharingan because they could still see with the other eye. However, since the ability to see with the other eye is not stated explicitly, it is possible that when one loses their eye, they lose the ability to use their Sharingan too. For example, if one's cornea was destroyed so that they could no longer see with their remaining eye, then they would be unable to use their Sharingan even though they would still be alive.

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Why did Tobi lie about being Madara?

He was getting on in years and wouldn't be able to survive much longer. So he asked Obito to locate someone to whom Madara might offer his freshly acquired "Rinnegan" (Nagato/Pain) in order for him to utilize reincarnation jutsu on him (Madara). This way, Tobi could still reap the benefits of his actions while avoiding death.

Now, there are two reasons why Tobi would lie about this: 1. He wanted to protect Madara's identity as much as possible since he knew that if others found out who he was, they would try to kill him too. 2. Tobi also knew that using this technique will make Madara reborn with no memory of his past lives which means that he won't remember Tobi even though they were friends in another life.

As for why Tobi decided to use this technique on himself instead of just letting Madara use it on him, we can only guess but here are a few possibilities: 1. Tobi wanted to keep living even after Madara died so he used the technique on himself instead. 2. Tobi wanted to use his power as a god to save people so he created a new body for himself using the Rinnegan. 3. Tobi wanted to have more time to find a way to revive Madara.

What could Obito do with his Rinnegan?

Obito has access to the Six Paths and all the benefits that come with them, such as shared vision, thanks to the Rinnegan. Keeping his Sharingan, on the other hand, grants him access to Kamui and chakra awareness. He can also use his Mangekyou Sharingan to view the truth of things, but this requires a lot of stamina and will power.

In terms of power, the Rinnegan are superior to the Kurama'su Mangekyou. However, using them drains your energy quickly. Also, since they are only visual powers, you cannot use any physical techniques while wearing them. Finally, it is difficult to activate their abilities unless you are near someone who has a strong connection to you (such as an opponent or a friend).

So in conclusion, the Rinnegan are very powerful, but require lots of energy and cannot be used actively. They are also limited by how close you are to someone who has a strong connection with you.

Does Obito get Nagato’s Rinnegan?

One of Naruto's key opponents was Obito Uchiha, Madara's successor to the Infinite Tsukuyomi Plan. Following Nagato's death, Obito took it upon himself to take the Rinnegan and ensure that the Tsuki no Me plan was carried out. However, due to his body not being ready, he was only able to absorb a portion of Nagato's chakra.

Obito started off as one of Naruto's allies but turned against him later on. He tried to kill Naruto twice but failed both times. However, he did manage to defeat Hashirama Senju with an attack called "Mada" which caused massive damage to the village.

After leaving the village, he went on a quest to find the remaining Sage Gates in order to complete his mission but ended up getting killed by Itachi Uchiha who wanted to stop him from completing his task. Even though he died, he managed to steal the Rinnegan from Nagato's corpse and absorbed some of his power into himself.

Now, having obtained some power, he plans to use this opportunity to carry out his master's plan. He also wants to kill Naruto because he believes that he is responsible for Nagato's death.

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