Does the time of birth matter in astrology?

Does the time of birth matter in astrology?

The birth time is utilized to determine not only the placements of the planets but also your Ascendant (Rising Sign). An incorrect birth time will result in an incorrect astrological reading. So, before you acquire your natal chart, make sure you have your birth certificate. The timing on a birth certificate is sometimes incorrect as well. If it is within five minutes of midnight or past, this should be noted on the document.

The moment of birth determines where the Sun was in its orbit at the time you were born. If you were born during daylight hours, then the Sun was rising near you or somewhere over the horizon. If you were born at night, then the Sun was setting near you or somewhere beyond the horizon. This is called your "Horizon of Birth." All children are born at some distance from a city or town; therefore, they are born outside of urban areas. However, all children can be found within a few hundred miles of either the North Pole or South Pole. These are called "Pole Places" and any map of the world showing them would look like the Moon is cut in half.

Because cities tend to rise where there is water with enough soil to support buildings, most cities have horizons that pass through lakes or other bodies of water. Other lake places include rivers that flow into lakes or other rivers that end in oceans. There are seven of these "Great Lake Places" in all.

What happens if you have the same birth date?

If you have the same birthday as someone born on the same day in the same year, your natal charts will most likely have planet placements that are very similar when it comes to where the planets are in the zodiac. If you share a birthday with more than one other person, then there is a chance that your planets may be placed in different parts of the chart at first glance.

Same-date births are fairly common. According to data from the Social Security Administration, there were about 350,000 same-day births in the United States in 2007. Of those, only 2% (about 7,000) shared the same birthday nationwide. Same-date births account for less than 1% of all births in the United States.

The chances of two people being born on the same date vary by country. In America, there are several hundred people who share my birthday, but here in Japan there are only three. I asked one of them why this was, and she said that it had something to do with the date not being considered important in Japan. She also told me that her family didn't celebrate her birthday because they thought it would make him feel bad since they weren't able to give him a present.

How do you find out your rising sign without the time of birth?

If the birth time is not provided, it is impossible to establish the ascendant degree with accuracy. Only when the individual knows the birth time range is within a few hours can the birth time be corrected by linking prior occurrences to the horoscope and planetary periods.

The idea that every person has a unique astrological signature known as their rising sign was popularized in 1922 by American astronomer Alfred Lindgren. He proposed that each person's astrology could be described by only two angles: the ascendant (the first point of Aries) and the descendant (the last point of Pisces). He based this on observations of how people behaved throughout the month; for example, someone who is born on March 20th has their ascendant around 2°20' Sagittarius and their descendant around 10°40' Pisces.

People have various ideas about what causes them to behave differently under the stars. Some say personality traits are the main factor while others claim environment does more than genetics. No matter what the cause, having one's rising sign description helps understand why they act like they do. It also allows for predictions to be made about future behavior.

In addition to describing how individuals behave, rising signs can also be used to group people together.

Why do I always see the time I was born?

Seeing your birth time is the universe urging you to trust the uncontrollable timetable. If you keep seeing your birth time, it might be a cosmic nudge to look up your astrological birth chart and pay attention to what is going on in the cosmos. Your star sign is often indicated by the constellations that are visible at your birth.

Your birth date and time determine many things about your life. For example: what month and year you were born; what day of the week and what hour; whether you are a man or woman; what house you live in; how old you are now; and who you will marry or not marry. Astrology teaches us that everything happens for a reason. So if you read your horoscope and it tells you something unfortunate is going to happen, then it's best to listen to your intuition. Something may be interfering with the flow of energy between you and the universe, so try to sense what it is. Perhaps you need to make some changes in your life to let go of an unwanted situation or relationship.

If you always see the same time, maybe check out your birth chart first? It's free and only takes a few minutes to read out loud!

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