Does the sunrise reach the east?

Does the sunrise reach the east?

The sun "rises in the east and sets in the west," as most people are aware. Most individuals, however, are unaware that this is a generality. Actually, the sun only rises directly east and sets due west twice a year—-on the spring and autumn equinoxes! The rest of the time, it traces out a path across the sky which takes it from east to north then back to east again. Thus, the sun never truly sets in the east or rises in the west; rather, it's just below the horizon when it's on its way west and above the horizon when it's on its way east.

Some people may wonder why there are not daily variations in the altitude of the sun. The reason is simple: because it's noon where the sun is, so it must be midnight where it isn't. If the sun were any lower in the sky at midday than it is during the middle of the night, sunlight would leak into Earth's atmosphere before it had time to evaporate again, causing rain instead of snow or fog. If it were any higher in the sky at midday than it is during the middle of the night, sunlight would leak out after it had gone through the atmosphere, causing heat instead of cold. So by an arbitrary decision made by humans, the daytime altitude of the sun is exactly equal to the nighttime altitude of the sun.

What exactly is the sunrise's direction?

East Only two days a year does the sun rise in the east and set in the west. Sunrises and sunsets occur because the Earth spins counter-clockwise when viewed from the North Pole. As the Earth rotates, so too does it orbit the Sun. This means that at any given time, only part of the planet is facing towards the Sun. The rest is hidden by clouds or darkness.

The western horizon gets light first followed by the eastern horizon as day breaks. As the morning progresses, more and more areas on earth can be seen getting lighter until no area is dark. It is during this period that the sunrise is most visible.

The direction in which the sunrise appears to be coming from depends on where you are on earth. If you are near the north pole, then you will see that the sunrise comes from the east; however, if you are near the south pole, then you will see that it comes from the west.

This is because both the north and south poles are in the same orbital plane as the Earth but at different distances from the center. The north pole is closer to the center so it sees more of the sky than the south pole which is farther away from the center.

Does the sun rise exactly in the east?

When the round route of our turn on Earth's surface separates into two equal portions, half in the light and half in the dark, the Sun rises and sets exactly due east and west. Because of the Earth's tilt, the sun rises perfectly due east just two days every year. The rest of the time it is somewhere between north and south of east.

The sun does not actually rise from east to west; instead, after first rising near the eastern horizon, it passes over the center of the sky before setting again near the western horizon. But because the Earth turns on its axis, we experience each day as if standing upright with our feet towards the east, so the Sun appears to be moving from east to west across the sky.

At any given moment, parts of the globe are illuminated by sunlight, while others are in darkness. This is why night skies are beautiful - they're never the same from place to place. Stars can only be seen from certain locations on Earth, because we are surrounded by clouds most of the time. When those clouds part, as often happens during a clear night with no wind or rain, people across the world see these stars come out.

The brightest star in the night sky is also called the Sun. But it is not really related to the Sun that drives our planet around the galaxy.

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