Does Mercury retrograde affect sleep in 2021?

Does Mercury retrograde affect sleep in 2021?

The sort of effect you will feel depends on which of the twelve zodiac signs Earth is in at the time Mercury turns retrograde. However, because Mercury governs everyone's nervous system, you may feel more emotional and agitated than normal, which may interfere with your recommended eight hours of sleep. Retrograde Mercury also affects how we perceive reality during its retrograde periods - something to be aware of if you're dealing with other people's perceptions about your health or finances.

Mercury goes into retrograde mode on October 23rd at 5:44 a.m. EDT. It will remain in this state for three weeks, returning to regular orbit on November 16th at 4:44 a.m. At that time, it will have turned back toward the west from where it came, passing just outside the Earth's shadow.

During its retreat, Mercury will pass through all 12 constellations along its path across the night sky. Each constellation has a unique influence on human behavior, so there's plenty of reason to watch what is happening with Mercury as it moves through the zodiac.

The first thing you should know about Mercury going retrograde is that it doesn't mean that things will stop functioning properly. It's only when something is in motion that it can stay still - otherwise, the whole point of moving it would be lost.

How do you sleep during Mercury retrograde?

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep During Mercury Retrograde

  1. The influence of the planets on our lives is no longer a secret.
  2. Do an energetic cleansing.
  3. Capitalize on the benefits of red light.
  4. Take melatonin supplements.
  5. Slow down your heart rate.
  6. Use a pillow spray.

How does this retrograde affect us?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion, which implies that the planet seems to be travelling backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Astrologers think that during this seeming backward motion, technology and communication may be hampered, dampening anyone's summer attitude.

Summer in a horoscope indicates happiness, good health, success, money, travel, and new opportunities. The solar eclipse last month brought about a sense of urgency, forcing us to look beyond our usual boundaries for solutions. This makes sense because Mercury is retrograding, meaning it is going back through its zodiacal cycle, so now is a good time to re-evaluate things. We need to ask ourselves if what we are doing is leading us closer to our goals or driving us further away.

Retrogrades are notorious for disrupting our normal routines by causing delays in transportation, machinery not working properly, communication problems, and unexpected changes at home or work. Some people even say that July is the worst month of all months for retrogrades, but that's only because they are noticeable events when planets are opposite one another (such as Sun with Moon, or Mars with Jupiter). In reality, retrogrades occur approximately two dozen times each year, so they aren't as frequent as eclipses or full moons. However, their impact is still strong enough to be considered a real phenomenon.

Can Mercury retrograde cause weird dreams?

When you don't get enough rest during Mercury's retrograde, you're more likely to have strange nightmares. According to Dreaming with Neko, Mercury retrograde may cause "false awakenings," which occur when you believe you are awake and doing something but are actually dreaming. Neko suggests that if this is the case for you during Mercury retrograde, you might want to stay up later than usual to compensate for these lost hours of sleep.

There's a whole book about how planets affect dreams - here's just a brief overview of some of the effects mentioned by other bloggers: Hope this is helpful!

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