Does Mercury retrograde affect emotions?

Does Mercury retrograde affect emotions?

Mercury retrograde is an optical illusion, which implies that the planet seems to be travelling backwards from our perspective here on Earth. Astrologers think that during this seeming backward motion, technology and communication may be hampered, dampening anyone's summer attitude.

The word "retrograde" comes from the Latin word "retro," meaning "back," and the verb "gradus," meaning "to grade." So, a retrograde motion is one that takes us back or returns us to a previous state. According to astronomers, Mercury goes through cycles of being either direct or retrograde every 88 days. When Mercury is in retrograde mode, it moves closer to the other planets in our solar system.

People have different ideas about what causes Mercury to go into retrograde mode. Some think it's a natural occurrence related to the orbit of Mercury around the Sun; others believe it's due to planetary alignments among the Sun, Moon, and planets. Either way, when Mercury goes into retrograde mode, most normal activities come to a halt. Communications are disrupted, so you can't text or call people who aren't important to you. Travel plans fall through because there's no way for you to know if or when they'll be reinstated.

In ancient times, going into retreat was the only way people could get away from the chaos of life and focus on their spirituality.

What does Mercury in retrograde mean spiritually?

While the term "retrograde" may seem ominous, it just indicates that Mercury is slowing down and appears to be moving backward from your perspective here on Earth. After all, Mercury stations retrograde three times a year, so it's something you've experienced before. However, because of its proximity to the Sun (and therefore Earth) during these periods, information transmitted via radio or cable is altered by solar radiation. So while this might not affect your ability to send an email, it could have an impact on how your messages are received.

Mercury in retrograde usually has one major theme - to give you feedback on previous decisions or actions. If you're struggling with some kind of internal conflict over whether or not to keep someone in your life, for example, or have been making questionable choices about money, then Mercury in retrograde will help you examine those issues more closely. The goal is to find a way to move forward that gives you clarity and peace of mind.

As Mercury enters its second full week in retrograde on January 24, you'll want to make sure that you pay close attention to any communications that are coming your way. If you get a letter through the mail, for example, read it immediately after receiving it to ensure that it isn't lost inside the envelope. Same thing goes for emails - respond to them as soon as possible after receiving them in case they aren't read by their intended recipient.

What does "retrograde" mean spiritually?

Working with the energy of Mercury retrograde isn't always easy, but this transit doesn't have to indicate that all hope is gone. Rather, it's a good time to look at how you're communicating and bring more love into your relationships.

Here are some other definitions: Retrograde means going back; retracing one's steps or intentions; turning around; reversing course or method. So, when Mercury goes retrograde, it becomes necessary to go back over old material, analyze problems, or think things through again before acting or speaking.

These days, people use the word retrograde to describe anything that goes against what they want to happen. For example, someone might say, "That interview felt like a total retrograde." In astrology, a planet retrogrades when it moves between the orbits of another planet or body. During these periods, it is traveling away from the Sun (or rather, we are, because you can't see Mercury during this part of its orbit).

Mercury retrograde is one of the least favorable aspects for business; something about this alignment of planets seems to bring about cancellations, delays, and mistakes. It was used by astronomers in ancient Greece to explain events such as eclipses that could not be explained by their theory at the time.

Why is retrograde bad?

Mercury is renowned as the planet that governs all communication, according to B.C.-based astrologist Georgia Nicols. This implies that when Mercury goes retrograde, individuals may have communication challenges, technological glitches, or even misplaced mail. These problems can arise at any time during a retrograde period, but they are especially likely to occur right before, or after, a planetary alignment.

During a Mercury retrograde period, use caution with communications and technology, avoid major decisions, and be patient while waiting for contact from friends or family. Offer blessings for those who have gone before you, give thanks for existing resources, and keep positive thoughts in mind during this challenging time.

How will the Mercury retrograde affect cancer in 2020?

"Mercury retrograde in Cancer may cause brain fog and ambiguity about events and relationships—more so for certain signs than others," says astrologer Lisa Stardust to Bustle. Find out if you're one of the zodiac signs that will be most influenced by Mercury's retrograde in summer 2020. And if you are, don't be concerned. It's only confusing sometimes (or all the time), not harmful.

Cancer is the sign of the heart and blood, emotions and aliveness. So it's no surprise that this element brings about feelings such as fear, anxiety, worry, insecurity, and vulnerability. The mercury retrograde will influence these feelings by making it difficult to understand or see things clearly, as well as causing confusion and disagreements with family and friends.

However, these are just effects of the planet Mercury going retrograde. They do not mean that something bad will happen during this time; rather, that we should pay attention to what is going on around us, especially with regard to communication and travel.

If you're concerned about health issues, remember that the mercury retrograde does not change the nature of cancer itself. It is still a dangerous disease that can spread through saliva, urine, sweat, and even tears. However, during this time, problems related to communication, energy, and stress may arise, which could impact how your body reacts to cancer treatment.

People with cancer should not worry about the mercury retrograde.

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