Does love marriage happen in Ketu Mahadasha?

Does love marriage happen in Ketu Mahadasha?

Ketu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha Marriage This is due to the fact that it is regarded as the planet of detachment or separation. As a result, it is advisable to avoid marrying in Ketu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha. You can arrange a wedding after the Venus dasha begins. The good news is that such marriages tend to be happy.

Ketu is the second-from-the-end moon of the Indian system. It is named after Ketu, a Vedic god who was said to have established human society. Ketu is believed to influence marriage because it is separated from Chandra (the moon) by only 0.4 degrees. Thus, the marriage arrangements should be made with care as there may be issues related to ideas, beliefs, and principles which are important to any lasting relationship.

People born under the Ketu Moon sign are known for their ability to be detached from worldly affairs and focus on more spiritual matters. They also have a natural tendency to be jealous or possessive. These traits sometimes get in the way of relationships, so it's best to be aware of them before making any commitments.

In conclusion, marriages during Ketu Mahadasha and Ketu Antardasha will most likely be affected by issues relating to ideas, beliefs, and principles. There may also be problems related to jealousy or being detached from worldly affairs.

Can an Indian marry an Indonesian?

Following your marriage, the Indian embassy in Indonesia will assist you in the procedure. 1. The Special Marriage Act allows you to marry. You can have a civil ceremony at the marriage registrar's office if you desire. No objections to the marriage are received within 30 days of the application's submission. 2. The Indian embassy in Jakarta will conduct the wedding as per Indian law.

In conclusion, yes, an Indian can marry an Indonesian.

Can a Brahmana man marry a Vaishya woman?

A Brahmana may marry a Kshatriya or Vaishya girl; a Kshatriya may marry a Vaishya; and a Vaishya may marry an S'udra's daughter. However, a member of a lower caste cannot marry a female from a higher caste. As a result, it is permitted (but not that much recommended).

The marriage itself is done in a ritualistic way with the participation of priests. The bride price is paid by the father of the bride. It is common for the groom to move to the house of the bride family after the wedding so that he can learn the ways of the household and earn the respect of his new parents. This process is called "gosavi".

In some cases, instead of going through this process, the groom will take a pledge from the bride's father to stay with her family for life. If the husband ever leaves the wife without just cause, the father-in-law can demand compensation from the husband. In that case, the wife has the right to file charges against her former husband.

Brahmanas are forbidden to eat meat. However, since meat products are available in the market, many Brahamanas eat meat occasionally. Even though it is illegal for a Brahmana to be involved in any form of business, there are several instances of them working as managers in factories and shops.

Brahmanas are expected to live solely on what they get from donations.

Is there a love marriage in my Kundli?

The Rahu and Venus conjunction also denotes love marriage, interfaith marriage, or intercaste marriage in astrology. Rahu intensifies everything, and when Venus comes into touch with Rahu, it magnifies sentiments of love and passion inside the person, especially when Rahu is situated in the Kundali's 7th house. Love marriages based on compatibility between two people from different backgrounds have always been popular among the masses.

In fact, all kinds of marriages can be predicted by studying the planets' positions in a person's horoscope. If you want to know whether your marriage will be successful, study your own chart first. The position of each planet within its zodiac sign determines how it affects you individually and as a couple. Study your charts carefully to see what qualities each planet possesses. This will help you understand why some marriages succeed while others fail.

Also, check whether the bride's family is willing to accept you as their son-in-law. If they refuse, then you should forget about getting married. The parents of the bride usually object to certain partners because they feel like it can't be done properly. They may even try to break up the marriage before it starts. However, nothing can stop a true lover from reaching out to his or her partner.

Can a Hindu marry a Muslim in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, you must both be of the same faith and it must be one of the government's approved religions if you marry (Muslim, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian, if I remember correctly). You can't marry someone of a different religion even if they are Jewish, Hindu, Christian, etc.

Hindus and Buddhists cannot marry within their own community in Indonesia. They can only marry people from other faiths or no faith at all. In fact, the majority of Indonesian marriages are not registered with any church or temple but rather by local authorities. If one partner is Christian or Muslim, their marriage can be recognized by law officials.

Indonesia is an island country with 165 million people, so it's not surprising that most people are Muslim, Hindu, or Buddhist. However many people in Indonesia also follow other religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, &; Judaism. In fact, much of Jakarta is home to many Hindu temples and churches.

Even though Hindus and Buddhists cannot marry each other, many Hindus choose to marry Christians or Muslims because it's easier to find someone of the same religion. In addition, there is no requirement that you have your spouse's consent to marry another person. If one partner dies, the other can remarry without violating religious law.

Is it possible for Venus in the 7th house to bring about a love marriage?

Venus's influence in the seventh house is critical in nurturing the native's connections. Venus in the 7th house locals' spouses or wives are the family's backbone. Couples who have had a love marriage and have Venus in the 7th house may have a very healthy and cheerful existence. However, if Venus is placed in unfavorable signs like Saturn, then issues related to marriage such as separation, divorce etc., will arise.

If Venus is placed in the 8th house, then it indicates that the person will experience marital problems due to jealousy. If Venus is placed in the 9th house, then it means that the person will lose his/her spouse through death. If Venus is placed in the 10th house, then it means that the person will marry twice. If Venus is placed in the 11th house, then it means that the person will live with his/her husband/wife without marrying them. 12th house: It shows that the person will commit adultery.

So, from this analysis, we can say that if Venus is placed in favorable signs in astrological houses, then it will enhance the chance of a love marriage but if not, then there will be obstacles in the form of marital problems or loss of spouse.

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