Does a horoscope really matter in marriage?

Does a horoscope really matter in marriage?

Yes, according to astrology, your Kundalini influences marital decisions. Although Kundalini is a synonym for Kundali/horoscope/birth chart/natal chart, the meaning is the same. Marriage is governed by the Kundli, or horoscope, which governs all aspects of human existence. It is updated at the time of birth every day on newspaper websites.

The effect of the Kundali on marital life can be understood with an example. If the Moon is absent from the natal chart, it indicates that the married person will have many secrets from his/her spouse. This is because the mind is always thinking about other things and this tendency will not change even after marriage. A moon-less chart also indicates that violence is likely to occur in the marriage. Since ambition is one of the main drivers behind love affairs, a person who is moon-less may look elsewhere for romance. The presence of the Moon suggests that there will be some secrecy in the marriage but no violence. However, if the Moon is afflicted, then marital life will be unhappy.

Kundalini is important for marriage because it indicates how different people will react in various situations. For example, if one partner has a strong Kundali, he/she will often be the one to start fights with their spouse. Such a person needs to understand that not everyone's personality is like this and that not all arguments are worth fighting over.

How is Kundali matching-horoscope matching for marriage?

Milan Kundali matching or horoscope matching is a Vedic Astrology compatibility check between couples. A joyful, long-term, and successful marriage requires accurate Kundali matching. Gun Milan is incredibly significant in Indian custom before sealing the marriage. How Does Kundli Matching For Marriage Work? The marriage of two people is an important step in their life. It is believed that by doing Gun Milan you will be able to know how your husband or wife is going to turn out in future. After knowing this information, you can make decisions accordingly.

Kundali means birth chart and milan means shooting. This process involves checking the exact location where shots are taken in a gun and therefore, it is also called as house shooting. Today, this ceremony is done with help of computer software but in ancient times, it was done with the help of astrological predictions. This process is very popular in northern parts of India. In fact, it is recommended for married women to do house shooting before marrying so that they don't face any problems after getting married.

The milan kundali matching is based on one's birthday. So, couples should share same birthday to avoid problems during marriage.

There are three kinds of milan kundalis: Gun, Siva, and Naga. These kundalis are used to determine compatibility between spouses. Each component of the kundali has different significance.

Do we match the horoscope?

The horoscopes of the bride and groom are compared during Kundli matching to determine if their married life will be happy and prosperous. If 18 or more points match, it is a good marriage; if the points match less than 18, the marriage is not authorized by astrology. However, many consider any match beyond 20 as a good sign.

In addition to its religious significance, kundli matching is also used as a tool for successful marriage prospects. The couples' birth charts are taken at the time of registration of marriage with the help of modern tools like computer software. Based on this analysis, an expert in astrology can predict whether the marriage will be successful or not.

If you are looking for something similar to kundli matching but based on Indian astronomy rather than European then this is called natal chart matching. Two natal charts are drawn independently for the bride and groom and the similarities between them are noted. Based on these observations, some experts in India can predict if the marriage will be successful or not.

There is no scientific evidence that supports using kundli matching to find a partner. However, it is still practiced by some people.

In conclusion, kundli matching is based on the belief that happiness in marriage depends on how well the stars align. This practice has been around for many years and has no scientific basis.

What does a Kundli horoscope mean for marriage?

Kundli matching for marriage, on the other hand, has its own meaning. Marriage is not only a union of two individuals, but also of two current families and one that will be formed in the future. A good match, or kundli match, does not always entail matching the charts of two people, but it does encompass many elements of life after marriage. For example: If both the bride and the groom are working, then this shows that they can support themselves independently after the wedding. It is also important to consider where both the bride and the groom were born - this reveals information about their natal signs. Finally, look at whether the bride was married before. If yes, then this would indicate that she is willing to leave her husband, which should be considered by any sensible person.

In short, a kundli match means that there is an understanding between two families regarding the marriage of their children. It is not just based on stars but also on many other factors such as class, religion, and so on. This article focuses only on the astrological aspect of marriage.

The importance of knowing one's kundali cannot be overemphasized. In fact, it is considered vital by some scholars. They believe that knowing one's kundali allows them to explain past, present, and future events. This form of divination is popular in India especially among Hindus.

People usually seek a kundali match to find out if they are compatible according to their stars.

Are there any remedies for a manglik marriage?

In Vedic astrology, numerous treatments are provided expressly for this scenario. Matching natal horoscopes is advised in arranged marriages to locate a good match. Marriage should be discussed only with mangalik in such instances. The Kumbh Vivah is an ancient cure. It involves tying the couple together with the threads of a sacred thread (svadhyaya) and a rope (vivaha). This ritual is performed at the time of their engagement or even before that if they have no money for the ceremony.

In modern times too, there are many remedies available for mangalkar marriages. They can either be taken individually or as a whole. Sometimes, only psychological support is needed. With time, these problems too will be resolved.

The most effective remedy is satsang. In satsang, you will find people who have found peace and happiness despite being in mangalkar marriages.

Other than this, legal actions may also be taken against the husband by his parents or wife by her parents. These actions would require legal expertise and could cost much money.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how much love and respect the two families share. If both the families don't want these marriages, then nothing can be done about it. Otherwise, members of both the families need to come to some sort of agreement to make their lives easier.

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