Do Pisces lie about feelings?

Do Pisces lie about feelings?

Yes, when it comes to deceit, the emotional Piscean can be quite the trickster. Pisces may appear to be the most susceptible sign on the surface, but don't be misled by their purity. Pisces understands just what lies to tell and how to say them in practically any scenario to achieve what they desire.

Pisceans are often viewed as weak willed, which is far from the truth. They are strong-willed but not necessarily strong like a Scorpio or Sagittarius. Instead, they are strong in their emotions and prone to sudden mood swings. When Pisces does have a bad day, it can be difficult to deal with because they don't hide their feelings well. If you try to talk to a frustrated Pisces, they will only shut you out even more. However, if you give them time, they will open up again and admit that they were wrong about something.

Pisceans are also known for being loyal to a fault. This is another misconception because it doesn't take much to break their bond with someone. If they feel like it's going somewhere good, they will let you go without a fight. However, if they feel like it's not right for them, then they will hold on forever.

In terms of love, Pisceans are usually looking for something permanent. They want to connect with someone on an emotional level and not just have a one night stand.

What are Pisces' dislikes?

Pisces despises justifications and deceit. You're not a fan of falsehoods and excuses. You have heightened intuitive abilities, which allow you to know everything. Your imagination is vivid and creative, allowing you to see the beautiful and mysterious in everything.

Pisceans are spiritual beings who love to connect with others. You have a deep desire to be united with the world around you. You also have a strong sense of self-preservation, which prevents you from being one of a crowd. You prefer solitude to silence, but you're not afraid to embrace new experiences that come your way.

You have a great sense of humor and can laugh at yourself. You also understand how other people feel so it isn't difficult for you to relate to them. You have intense feelings that you try to hide from others, but these feelings don't go away easily.

Your family is very important to you and you want what's best for them. You are loyal and believe that you should put others before yourself. You care deeply about humanity and want what's best for everyone else even if it means sacrificing your own desires.

Pisces people are known for their charm and beauty. They can draw people in with their smile or hypnotize them with their eyes.

Do Libras hate Pisces?

Pisces can't bear the notion of disappointing Libra, so they keep their "unfavorable" thoughts and feelings to themselves. Pisces, fortunately for Libra, is a poor liar; they provide too many information and neglect to hide their tracks. This makes it easy for Libra to recognize when Pisces is unhappy with them.

Pisces also has a weakness for sweets and food that are high in sugar. This goes against the balance-oriented nature of Libra, which can cause problems between these two signs. Libra likes things to be equal: both parties should get what they want, without one side getting more than the other. If something as trivial as this can cause problems between partners, then others issues may arise from such small differences in personality.

Libras are known as the "scales" sign because they are balanced and fair. They dislike being behind one thing or another and will do whatever it takes to even out the playing field. This can be good, but if they feel like they're never going to catch up then they'll be left in the dust. Libras need to remember that they are only one person's opinion and not everyone sees things the same way they do. Some people may think that having a Scorpio as a partner is too much for someone who is already fairly unstable, for example.

What is Pisces' dark side?

Pisceans enjoy revealing their secrets and might feel terribly left out of a conversation. Their emotions are volatile, and if they become too upset, they may end up harming themselves. When this occurs, they begin to build drama and make things happen at a rapid speed. Just remember not to push them too far or else you'll have a bad time.

They're also known for their charm and beauty, but only when they want to attract someone special. If they don't care about winning your heart, then they won't go to any length to achieve that goal. Dark forces may come out when this sign gets hurt feelings or is denied an opportunity. In such cases, they might act out in anger by abusing drugs or alcohol, or by committing suicide.

Darkness also comes from within. When faced with adversity, a Piscean may give up hope and sink into depression. They may even try to commit suicide, because they aren't able to face their problems alone. Help them find a way out of this darkness and they will rise above it.

Pisceans are loyal to the point of being blind. They might get involved with people who abuse their trust or force them into doing things they don't want to do. These relationships tend to be very intense and dramatic, but under the surface there's always something wrong.

Why are Pisces so empathic?

Empathy is supreme. Pisces are exceedingly compassionate. They may sometimes prioritize another person's feelings over their own, which can be disruptive since they are then left to fester in their own disregarded emotions. This is also beneficial because if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or honest advise, a Pisces will provide it to you selflessly.

Pisceans are all about giving and receiving love. If someone has rejected them, it hurts deeply. However, once they find the right match, their empathy can help them understand others' needs better than anyone else can. Also, Pisceans are very loyal and would do anything for those they love. This can be a problem since they can be taken advantage of since they feel responsible for everyone else's happiness too. If you have a Piscean as a friend or family member, beware of their sensitive nature. Sometimes simple things that seem trivial to other people can hurt them greatly.

Pisceans are artists at heart. They are intuitive and psychic, with an innate knowledge of human nature. Because of this, they often have excellent taste in music, movies, and books. They also see beauty in everything around them, which leads many to think of them as naive but insightful at the same time. Actually, they just use their intuition to find harmony and balance wherever they go. This is why some people believe that being a Piscean brings good luck since they are able to connect with others on a soul level.

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