Do kundli predictions come true?

Do kundli predictions come true?

The more precise your birth time, location, and date are, the more accurate your astrological Kundli and daily horoscope will be. Despite these facts, it is difficult to forecast with 100% accuracy in astrology kundli and daily horoscope for marriage matching and other major events (ceremonies). However, through a detailed analysis of all the factors involved, one can make forecasts that are close enough to what actually happens to decide what actions should be taken.

For example, if you analyze your kundali chart carefully and see that you have Mars in your third house (relationships) as the lord of that house, you would know that you would need to be careful in choosing a spouse. If at a later date you find out that you were wrong and the person was not a good match after all, there is no need to suffer in silence because it's embarrassing - you can always get divorced! The point is that astrologers can tell you about potential problems with your marriage based on information found in your kundali chart. They can't predict exactly when something might happen or what form it will take, but they can give you guidelines to help you decide what direction to go in.

In addition, astrologers can also tell you about possible opportunities that may present themselves in your life as well as indicate how you should react to such situations.

Does Kundli really work?

Despite these facts, it is difficult to forecast 100 percent accuracy in astrology kundli and daily horoscope for marriage matching and other major events since the precision of Kundli depends on the accuracy of birth time (ceremonies). Even if one is born at exactly the same moment as another person, their life paths may still be very different because they have different karma to burn. It is also possible that even though someone was born at the same time as you, they were actually born earlier or later than what was reported; this would also affect how their life turns out.

The concept of marrying someone based on kundali dates is not new. It has been widely accepted in India for many centuries now. There are many temples in India where people come to get their kundalis painted with their future husband or wife inside them. These paintings are used by married women to find their true love again if the first marriage falls apart.

It is believed that seeing the complete kundali helps determine your spouse's personality and compatibility with you. The drawing should be done by a jyotish mala (Indian astrologer) who takes into account all the significant details about your natal chart. After analyzing the kundali, the jyotish mala will tell you if there is any conflict between the planets in your own chart and those in your partner's chart.

Can we believe in Kundli?

Still, we have a lot of faith in Kundli. Even if the kundli matching fails, couples can live happily ever after if they share love and understanding. Astrology is only a game of chance; it can never accurately foretell the future. Yet many people rely on it to such an extent that they will break up over something as trivial as a change of astrological signs.

The most important thing for any couple is to find common ground. You should both be on the same page with respect to values and goals. This will help you avoid conflict and keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

It's also important to remember that the stars don't lie. Your kundali or horoscope is based on a detailed analysis of your birth chart which is determined at birth. This paper map of your life is then updated periodically as necessary based on your current date and time. Thus, no matter what kind of person you are today, your kundali reveals your true nature.

However, just because you were born with certain traits does not mean that you will always act accordingly. For example, if you are a Mars sign (Mars being the ruler of your birth chart) then you will probably find yourself attracted to power and authority.

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