Do ex-lovers come back during Mercury retrograde?

Do ex-lovers come back during Mercury retrograde?

Exes are highly likely to appear during retrogrades since everyone is reflecting on their pasts. Go for it if it seems right. During retrograde times, you're also likely to run across some additional blasts from the past, such as friends, former coworkers, and family members. This is all part of the cosmic give and take. When planets move into new signs, they generate new opportunities but also bring with them feelings of loss and change. That's normal and should not be construed as a sign from beyond.

In general, yes, ex-lovers do come back into your life during retrograde periods. If you've been separated from someone, then you'll probably see them again now that planetary energy has moved into more emotional territory. They came back during the last major retrograde period when I met my husband. It felt right at the time, so I took the plunge and emailed him first. He replied within hours!

It's important to keep in mind that relationships are based on trust. If you feel like something isn't right then don't force it down anyone's throat. Wait until the planet moves out of retrograde to make another decision about your love life.

Should I reach out to my ex during Mercury retrograde?

If you've been thinking about getting back together with an ex, now is the moment. Otherwise, the moon will be passing over your ex's sign on February 16th, and that could put them in a moody place.

Retrogrades begin on February 5th and go until March 4th. During this time, planets including Uranus and Saturn are moving away from the Earth at high speeds, making communication difficult if not impossible. Travel also might be restricted due to solar flares. Some experts believe that a galactic storm is forming over our planet which could have negative effects on anyone near a radio transmitter.

However, most people will have no problem communicating as long as they use common sense and don't do anything too risky (like flying).

If you want to write your ex or call them, try again when Mercury goes into Aries on March 15th. That should help break the ice.

Will ex return in 2021?

Exes, old pals, and persons from your past are highly likely to contact you now. You are the most fortunate zodiac sign in terms of reuniting with an ex, so if this is still a desire in your heart, don't wait for them to come to you. Send them messages via social media or even letters that they would have found under their doors one day.

It's not that easy though, you need to go beyond just sending them messages, you need to make an effort and reach out to them. Maybe follow them on social media and post comments on their photos or videos, but don't be creepy!

They might not respond, but if they do, grab hold of every opportunity and take it while it's offered to you. Relationships from the past may have been difficult, but that doesn't mean they ended forever. Take time to move on and let go, otherwise you'll never find true happiness.

Why do ex-lovers come back during retrograde?

If Mercury Retrograde is known for one thing, it's for bringing ex-lovers back even when you don't want them to. This is due to the fact that this planet urges us to reflect on prior mistakes and choices in order to obtain more insight. So with regard to love, Mercury Retrograde often causes former lovers to reach out to past connections because they need information or guidance about current relationships.

Mercury goes retrograde each year between August 23rd and September 22nd. During these times, communication systems are impaired, no matter how many technological advancements have been made. Travel will be difficult to arrange as well; however, this problem will be resolved once Mercury moves into its direct phase on September 23rd.

Retrogrades are notorious for disrupting our daily lives by causing problems with machinery, vehicles, and electronics. However, there is good news for those who suffer from these problems - they usually end up helping us become more aware of certain issues in our lives that need to be addressed later in the season when Mercury is in a new position.

This article only covers some of the reasons why ex-lovers come back during a Mercury retrograde. There are others such as personal conflicts, illness, and changes of job or residence that could cause someone to reach out to you despite the fact that you've already parted ways.

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