Do cancers make the first move?

Do cancers make the first move?

When cancer begins to develop affections for someone, they become skittish. This sign approaches everything with the same trepidation as the small crab in their constellation, unable to choose between the seashore and the sea. To save Cancer from their own hesitation, you must make the initial step. If you are brave enough to face down your fears, then you should not hesitate to take action when needed.

Cancer's weakness manifests as a desire for safety. The first sign of danger is fear, so to avoid being hurt they will run away. This quality is represented by the Crab, who cannot decide whether to stay on land or go into the water. Although crabs have a lot of courage, they can't swim so they need someone to protect them. Cancers feel the same way; they want to be safe but don't know how to deal with danger. They may hide under a rock or go live in another country if they think it's too risky to stay where they are now. However, since they can't walk away from their problems, Cancers must find someone to fight their battles for them.

Since they rely on others so much, Cancers are usually taken advantage of. Someone stronger or smarter might take advantage of their weakness by pushing them around or asking them to do things they aren't able to do on their own. This person would be like the Sea Monster that eats all those who fail them.

Do cancers fall in love quickly?

Cancers (or Cancerians, if you prefer) are sensitive, compassionate individuals. A Cancer in love plummets rapidly and with a resounding crash. They are prone to offer their best and jump headlong into commitment. Cancers are less prone than other signs to leave when things become tough, and they are exceedingly devoted and willing to work things out. However, when it comes to love, Cancers can be the most vulnerable of all the Signs.

The cancerian's capacity for love is great, but so too is their need for privacy. They must feel like they're not being watched or judged before they can reveal themselves fully. This means that Cancers do not make good roommates or spouses who want to invade their space. They should also be warned that when it comes to love, Cancers can be slow to trust but once they commit, they keep their promises. This makes Cancerians ideal partners or friends who can understand our needs and desires without always requiring us to explain ourselves fully first.

Overall, Cancers are loving and loyal Signals with a lot of potential. When partnered with another Cancer, there's a strong chance they will stay together forever. When separated from them, others may not think much of it until the Cancerian stops calling or disappears completely. Then they are left wondering what happened to their loved one.

Why are cancers so dangerous?

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs, and it is also acutely conscious of its own emotional intelligence. You don't want to get on Cancer's wrong side because it is a volatile solar sign that is also prone to mood swings. They are expert manipulators, capable of turning any situation on its head. When you are dealing with a cancer, try not to take things personally. This sign will use your emotions as a weapon against you.

Cancers are known for their intense passions that can lead to dramatic changes in personality. Aspects of themselves they feel proud of or passionate about become their "solar plexus." This is the area just below the rib cage where feelings are usually hidden. When a Cancer becomes angry, they may throw their solar plexus at you. This is how tantrums, fights, and other violent acts come from Cancers. The more they open up, the safer you can be. However, even with all this openness, there is still a part of them that holds back because they are afraid you will run away.

Cancers are loyal to those they love, but that doesn't mean they like everyone. Your friend who always seems to be trying to borrow money from you? That's probably not going to end well! Even though you might think you're helping them out by giving them time, attention, and resources, Cancers won't see it that way.

Cancer patients, do you want to marry?

This crab seeks a harmonious partnership. Cancer is the sign most likely to marry out of all the signs in the zodiac. This sign is not frightened of commitment; rather, it will demand or expect it. To love and be loved by a cancer patient requires a long-term commitment. They need to feel secure with their partner so that they can trust them with their problems.

Cancers are very family oriented. Their whole life revolves around their family. They like having close relationships with others so that they don't feel alone even after their own family goes to sleep. Cancers are usually good husbands or wives but if there's no one else involved, then they might have difficulties maintaining a relationship. Even though they are shy at first, cancers are very loving once they get to know you. They make good parents because of their great sense of responsibility.

Cancers are often cheated on because people can't handle their independence. If you try to tie them down with promises they cannot keep, then you should know that you will never satisfy them. Trust me, I know from experience! The more restrictions you put on a cancer, the less freedom they will have.

If you're dating a cancer, don't expect them to tell you exactly what's going on in their mind. They are usually quite literal-minded so they will take everything you say seriously. However, this doesn't mean that they aren't thinking about other things.

Why are cancers so intimidating?

Cancer is notorious for its sensitivity. Because of their emotional character, cancers might become inwardly focused, making them appear unreachable to others. While cancers may be extremely emotional and protective of those they love, they can also be difficult to get to know, which can make establishing friends with a cancer scary. Cancers feel isolated because there are so many aspects of their lives that they cannot control- whether they will survive their next attack, how much it will cost, or what treatment options are available.

Cancers fear death because it is the end of everything they know and love. No one wants to face such a final outcome. At its core, death is an unknown. We all must face it at some point. How we deal with this reality is what makes us human. Cancers try to avoid death by living each day to the fullest. Even though they may not always understand their disease process, they know that they need to fight hard to live.

Cancers fear pain because it is unpredictable. There are two types of pain: acute and chronic. With acute pain, such as from a paper cut, you know exactly where it comes from and what to do about it. With chronic pain, such as from cancer or arthritis, there is no obvious cause and no clear way to fix the problem. Although acute pain can sometimes lead to depression and anxiety, these feelings are not typical for people with chronic pain. Cancers worry that they will become too depressed to function properly.

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