Did Freddie Mercury leave any money for Jim Hutton?

Did Freddie Mercury leave any money for Jim Hutton?

Mercury remembered Hutton in his will. According to All Things Interesting, Mercury left his partner PS500,000 (about $1 million today). Hutton, on the other hand, had to use a large portion of that money to relocate because Mercury had deserted his house in Austin, Garden Lodge. The pair then went their separate ways with Hutton moving into a larger house and starting a family.

Freddie Mercury was born Frederick Valery Morgan on January 31st, 1946. He was an English singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Best known as the lead vocalist for British band Queen, he was also one of the most popular music artists of our time. He passed away on November 24th, 1991 after suffering from AIDS-related pneumonia.

During his lifetime, Mercury earned multiple awards including two Grammys, an Oscar, and three Brit Awards. He also has been listed by VH1 as number 37 on its list of "The 100 Greatest Music Artists of All Time".

In 2016, it was reported that Queen had sold more than 70 million records worldwide. This makes them the biggest selling rock band in history.

Mercury started performing at age 14 when he joined a local band named the Brummies. A few years later, he formed another band called the Bohemians with bass player John Deacon.

What did Jim Hutton inherit from Freddie?

Despite Mercury's prior vows that only Austin and his cats would receive anything, he did leave money to those to whom he was close. Jim Hutton, his personal assistant, Peter Freestone, and Joe Fanelli, his cook, each received APS500,000. (The amount was later increased to APS1 million.) His mother received another APS500,000, and his father received a final sum of APS250,000.

Although not officially recognized by the company, Austin also created an honorary group known as The Goodies. The group includes several friends and employees who have been given badges with their names on them. Members include Linda Brown, Terry Duffey, Andy Gourlay, Matt Hills, Derek Ibbotson, Adam James, Nick Knight, Paul Parker, Simon Ridgway, and Mark Wilkinson.

In addition to the money, members of The Goodies get a weekly bonus of APS10,000.

Freddie left his house in England to Austin. He gave him permission to do whatever he wanted with the place, but said it should be sold if Austin decided to move out of London. Freddie also left his collection of vintage guitars to Austin. This is now housed in the British Museum.

As you can see, Austin really was a good friend to Freddie Mercury.

Why did Freddie Mercury leave everything to Austin?

Despite the fact that they were not legally married, he referred to her as his common-law wife. It was unsurprising that Mercury would delegate everything to Austin. "You'd be my wife, and it'd have been yours regardless." Mercury left Austin his $75 million inheritance, which included a 28-room London house and the most of his copyright profits.

They met when she was a 19-year-old model hired by him to work with the magician behind his songs. Their relationship started as something casual but after two years they decided to get married. However, due to the extreme nature of his job requirements, they only had time to marry in England and America. He told her he didn't think they'd last long apart and said that marriage to her was always going to be a temporary thing.

Their wedding ceremony was held at St. George's Hanover Square on May 24th, 1986. The next day, they flew to New York City for their honeymoon. While there, he performed at Madison Square Garden twice.

After returning from their trip, they settled into married life together at Rockfield Studio where they worked on music projects until 1991. That year, they went on tour together for the first time since their marriage broke down. Although they made up again, she died in November 1996 from complications of AIDS-related pneumonia. He passed away six months later in January 1997 at the age of 45.

How much did Mary inherit from Freddie Mercury?

The duo lived together on and off for the greater part of two decades, as Mercury's popularity grew and Queen became one of the twentieth century's most beloved rock bands. Austin is apparently likely to inherit more over $50 million as a result of the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, since she now owns 75 percent of his fortune.

When they first met in 1985, Mercury was already a wealthy man thanks to his role in Queen and he offered Austin a place to live in London. They soon after moved in together and married per Mercury's wishes while he was still alive. The couple has three children together: Bob, Mike, and Josh.

Mercury died of AIDS-related complications on November 24, 1991 at the age of 45. After his death, Austin went on tour with Queen to support their album Made in Heaven which included songs written by Mercury. She also released an autobiography called Behind the Mask: The Life of Freddie Mercury in 2003 which detailed her experiences living with him during their relationship.

Austin inherited $25 million from Mercury when he died and another $15 million when she divorced Michael Jackson in 2009. That brings her total inheritance to $40 million.

According to the New York Times, Austin's estate will include items such as musical instruments, costumes, and personal items owned or worn by Mercury. She has not announced what she will do with this money.

Did Freddie Mercury leave anything to his parents?

Mercury died in 1991, leaving a will in which he left half of his band's earnings to Austin, a fourth to his parents, and a fourth to his sister. However, after his mother and father died, their shares have reverted to Austin, although Bulsara continues to get 25%.

However, Bulsara has said that she does not want the money and wants it to be used for charity instead. She believes that her brother would have wanted the same thing.

His parents were given an honorary award at the Grammy Awards in 1992.

How much did Freddie Mercury leave in his will?

Jim Hutton, Joe, and Peter each received PS500,000 from Freddie. He bequeathed a quarter of his future profits from Queen to his parents and a quarter to his sister. Everything else, with the exception of a few modest bequests, went to Mary. The total value of the estate was estimated at over $10 million.

Freddie died on November 24, 1991 at the age of 45 after suffering from AIDS for several years.

He had no children and his death left Queen without its lead singer. To date, they are still going strong having announced their intention to continue performing and recording new music.

After Freddie's death, Mary King filed a lawsuit against her stepbrothers Paul Prenter and Jay Schellenberg seeking damages for fraud and deceit. She claimed that they had lied about their relationship with Freddie and had used his fame to promote themselves. She also sued her mother for negligence for failing to protect Freddie from Prenter and Schellenberg. The case was settled out of court and the terms were not disclosed.

Mary continued to fight for her husband's rights until her death in February 2006 at the age of 72.

She is buried next to him in Kensico Cemetery.

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